aarghh! virgin FTP-er very confused!

  mco 01:45 09 Oct 2005

Until now I've always made my site online with the webbuilder provided by hosting company; then I've clicked 'publish' and it's published. But now I've been practising with NOF and decided to have a go at putting a few practice pages up myself via FTP. I made a directory ready for it fine, set up the FTP in NOF and clicked OK to publish, It said I didn't have a 'base directory ' and it couldn't make one..?? So I then used ACE FTP pro to upload what I assumed must be my site (it says mysite.nod) After the first time I tried, I typed address into browser and got INDEX and a list of stuff underneath like cgi; I tried again, because I read I have to replace what's already in the directory with my site by changing its name to index.html. Now I've got a site online but in total hieroglyphics! I'm sorry I sound so stupid but I'm obviously doing something wrong that is so very simple - so rather than spending hours trying to figure it out myself maybe someone kind could tell me how to do it in words of few syllables!

  AndySD 08:39 09 Oct 2005

Can you post the link to the website please.

  mco 08:53 09 Oct 2005

this is it...click here

  mco 09:55 09 Oct 2005

I've made another directory; (I know I have because I can see it listed on my hosting company's webftp page. All that's in it is a vti.cnf file apparently for FP extensions) I altered the details in 'publish site' and then clicked that I wanted to publish the whole site - then it tells me again there is no base directory. What am I doing wrong? There are 4 bits in the folder of my site - assets (the NOF gif); preview (which includes Autogen), the site itself I presume, and backups. If I use ACEFTP to upload the site into my new directory instead, do I have to individually upload every single item there?

  Forum Editor 11:41 09 Oct 2005

don't use a third-party FTP application to publish the site - do it directly from NOF.

The listiong that you got the first time you tried was an FTP directory listing of your site.

Browsers look for a file called: index.htm (or index.html) when they arrive at a url, and they'll load any file with that name which is in what is called the root of your server space.

If you fancy emailing me at: [email protected] with details of your FTP login I will gladly take a look at your server directories and sort the problem out for you.

  mco 12:45 09 Oct 2005

Might do that thanks if I have no success. I made up a directory h t t p etc a subdomain of the site I run, just to practise privately. When it created itself there was no index.htm file in it - am I supposed to make one myself and then upload my site into that file?

  mco 12:55 09 Oct 2005

Ok I give up! I'll email you FE and thanks for the offer

  Forum Editor 13:53 09 Oct 2005

so we'll take it from there.

The index.htm file is your homepage, and provided you have created a homepage in the NOF site the software will automatically name it index.htm

  Forum Editor 15:01 09 Oct 2005

at your site directories. It's all a bit confusing, because you appear to have created lots of subdomains which are linked to from your main site - was there a particular reason for doing that? It's certainly not necessary - all the pages that you link to should be inside your main site structure.

The main site directory - which you've named www - has quite a jumble of files. It would be better to put all image files in a sub-folder of www named 'images'. That way the whole thing will be tidier, and far easier to manage.

The directory you created for your NOF site had a file named index.html but it was completely blank.

I have now deleted all the files in that directory, except for the PDF you had placed there, and the FP extension file. I suggest that you now publish your NOF site afresh - from within NOF, and make sure that you have a homepage in your test site. Then we'll see what happens.

  mco 15:28 09 Oct 2005

The reason my site is such a jumble is (partly because I was making it up as I go along!) and partly because the main site is made from an online webbuilder template and I couldn't change the page names from those on their template( eg, products/ aboutus etc) And I wanted some pages that would be invisible in the list on the homepage.and whose names reflected the site's content. I couldn't see any other way to do it within the webbuilding program and I agree it's silly...WHICH IS WHY... I want to change to NOF and do things properly via FTP. (I made that index.html page myself to see if it might help btw. )I will now go back and try again. Thanks - and will let you know!

  mco 15:37 09 Oct 2005

Tried again and once more the message in NOF when I go to publish is that the specified base directory (where you've just been FE) doesn't exist...?? Am I doing something wrong in the NOF Publish settings box? I've put in the same details I gave you FE

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