aaagh! hardware please.

  edennorman 11:53 27 Jul 2005

I am not pc illiterate but I don't know much about the hardware side of things.

I want to upgarde my daughters pc...I have a new mother board, memory, processor, hard drives.

At the moment the pc in question has two tiny 500 mb hard drives with Win 95 installed.

The two new hard drives consist of a brand new 80 gig and a used 20 gig with Win 2000 installed on it.

I naively thought that if I dissconnected both the old hard drives I could then pop in the 20 gig hard drive with Win 2000 on it, and when I started up it would boot from the new hard drive and then all I would have to do would be to put the new 80 gig drive in and get the pc to recognise it etc etc.

I made sure I put the 20 gig hard drive with Win 2000 installed closest to the mother board with respect to the wiring...and reversed it when it didn't work...but that didn't work either....when the pc started it went through the usual initial start up procedure but then I get a message saying...

"Error installing operating system"

I would get a pc chap to help me but I have just moved to in the middle of not speak French competently and do not know any English speaking pc people yet...

So I have to do this myself....

I know bits and pieces about this and that but this is beyond me at the moment.

I weould greatly appreciate some guidance here.


  stlucia 14:27 27 Jul 2005

The problem is that you can't normally simply transfer an operating system from one PC to another. Once you've installed the replacement HDDs, you need to install Windows from scratch so that it can configure itself to your particular machine.

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