AAAAAHHHH New pc disaster, weep, weep!!

  gazmix 17:21 10 Nov 2007

I'm fuming
I bought my new pc today with xp installed, it's got 40GB, worked well, but i had to have the guy install a modem which included downloaded drivers!!, as i can't use broadband here until the beginning of Dec!

The pc had no programmes of significance on & i started to download firewall, anti virus-spy etc!

The pc had WindowsMedia 9 on it & i wanted to have Windows Classic 6.4 which i tryed to download from filehippo.
It wouldn't (i dunno how i could make it, anyone?) start as default & i wanted the version 9 off my pc!

I went to 'add/remove' programmes & 'add/remove windows components' (as prompted on here & checked the Windows Media Player box & the Windows Messenger box as i wanted to delete that too!

I followed the instructions & rebooted & found that it'd also removed Internet Explorer!, my only browser as i hadn't gotten round to downloading Firefox yet! aaaargggg!

My only thought was system restore, which i did (bad idea) & it blew all the drivers which the guy had installed with the modem & i couldn't get online via dialup!!!, i tryed to recreate an account, but no avail!
The bloke is now wanting to charge me for him reloading the drivers, but he said we'd sort something out, not till Tuesday though!

Back to my old faithful pc!!
Still, can anyone tell me how i could remove WMP 9 as it isn't in 'add/remove' & has no uninstall link & how can i make WMP classic, my default! The guy said you can't as Microsoft don't approve of going backwards!, can't be right!
I guess when i download my messenger it will overwrite the old one.

Help appreciated


  Sparkly 17:52 10 Nov 2007

Is this any help
click here

  Ive 18:01 10 Nov 2007

Go into add/remove programs and put a tick in the box at the top of the panel (Show updates)and then see if media player you want to remove shows up.

  Karakorum 18:03 10 Nov 2007

gazmix, you were supposed to UNcheck the two boxes if you wanted to remove Messenger & Windows Media Player.

  lotvic 18:25 10 Nov 2007

Zoom/Modem V.92 PCI
Model 3025C and 3025CF (RoHS)
driver & setup files download from click here
Windows 9x/Me/2000/XP - Driver Version 173.038 (.exe file)
Note: This is the same version of the driver that is included on Zoom CD PN: 289-00177-A or 289-00203-A.

you should have been given the Zoom cd with your new pc

you can download pdf file 'PCI Modem Quick Start Guide' and also the Extended Manual from the same page as above.

For forum members ref - other thread click here

  Karakorum 18:29 10 Nov 2007

Thinks - If you got that the wrong way round you've probably UNchecked the Internet Explorer box as well which is why it disappeared. Go back and tick it and you'll probably get it back.

  lotvic 18:39 10 Nov 2007

if you need a simple dial up ISP at local rate click here thread for some links.
You may find it a good idea to have one of these set up for when/if Orange won't work for any reason.
Even tho' I use adsl broadband I still have my emergency dial up available if I should need it. (and I have needed it on several occasions!)

  gazmix 19:33 10 Nov 2007

Karakorum, in 'add/remove programmes' & 'add/remove windows components' it says:-

To add or remove components, click the checkbox!

So i did of the 2 items i wanted to remove!
WMP & WindowsMessenger.
I have got IE back, but the System Restore deleted all the programmes i downloaded & reverted the pc back to before the guy installed the drivers, so i can't get online at all!They all need to be installed by him again.

Ive, i'm back on my old pc now, i'll have a look in 'show updates' tomorrow on the other.

Lotvic, so the Zoom Modem is the modem the guy installed to enable dial-up on this pc! I was given no cd, he said he downloaded the drivers from a site.

I can get WMP Classic from majorgeeks, but it won't work as Windows 9 is there & won't shift!

  Karakorum 19:46 10 Nov 2007

I don't really understand why Media Player Classic won't work. I have both that and Windows Media Player installed and they are not exclusive. If you have a media clip you want to play, right click on it and select "Open with" then browse for the program you want to use. When you open it it should also ask you if you want to make that the default player for that type of media. (Meaning MPG, WMV, AVI etc etc) You can then say OK but if you open a different type it will ask you again for that type. You'll have to go into "options" if you want to make it the default for all media types.

  Karakorum 19:51 10 Nov 2007

That should also work with a DVD

  cocteau48 19:52 10 Nov 2007

What happens if you reverse system restore?

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