A8V-VM RAM problem

  frostysnowman 08:05 16 Mar 2009

Hi, I wonder if anybody can advise me re: adding extra RAM to my motherboard (A8V-VM). It has 4 slots labelled A1,A2 B1,B2 (Dual Channel). At the moment I have 2 512MB modules in slots A1 and B1. I wish to change these for 2 IGB modules (matching pair) to take advantage of the Dual Channel configuration. However when I replace the 512MB modules with the IGB modules my PC will not even boot and nothing shows on the screen. Any advice appreciated.

  ambra4 08:59 16 Mar 2009

“It has 4 slots labeled A1, A2 B1, B2 (Dual Channel)”

Try than one at a time if the computer boot up with 1 module in A1 socket install the

other in A2

  ambra4 09:01 16 Mar 2009

"(matching pair)"

Sorry Install In A1 and A2 socket

  Quiller. 10:23 16 Mar 2009

1Gb modules of ram high density?

Where did you get them from.

  frostysnowman 10:31 16 Mar 2009

Hi, Thanks for your replies.
In my manual it says that if you are installing only 1 module to put it into slot B1. I have the other in A1 but I do not think the 512MB modules (DDR PC3200) are a matching pair. Should I put the other into B2?
The lGB modules (DDR PC3200)were given to me by a friend. They work in his PC but when I install them in mine I cannot even boot up or see anything on the screen. I do not know if they are high density. (They have eight chips on both sides). Any further advice appreciated.

  ambra4 11:57 16 Mar 2009

“The l GB modules (DDR PC3200)were given to me by a friend”

Maximum Memory 4096MB 266 to 400MHz

DDR SDRAM (Unbuffered ECC or Non-ECC)

Do a scan it will tell you the correct memory to use

click here

  Quiller. 22:38 16 Mar 2009

Post the code numbers written on the ram.

Each sequence of code gives you an indication of the specification of the ram. If it's 128M the likely hood is your machine will not take high density.

Every other detail could match but if it's the wrong density of ram, it could be of no use to you.

  Quiller. 22:48 16 Mar 2009

the manual.

and every qualified vendors chip is low density. Even the recommended 1Gb chips are listed as 64M or low density.

  Quiet Life 23:17 16 Mar 2009

As there are 8 chips either side you have low density ram.
High density ram has 8 chips on one side only or 4 on both sides.
Can see no reason why they do not work.

  Quiller. 07:58 17 Mar 2009

You are wrong.

High density can have 8 chips on BOTH sides.

"All high density 1GB modules are made with 16 chips (8 chips on each side) using 128Mx4 device."

Thats why most people fall down when they et the wrong density of ram and the machine will not work.

click here

  Quiet Life 15:49 17 Mar 2009

Stand corrected. This link explains about all memory and seems to be very good.
click here

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