A7V600-X Compatabilty

  silkcut04 11:59 29 Oct 2007

Looking to install this Graphics Card (Geforce 7800 GS OC)
Full Spec
256Mb BFG Technology 7800GS OC, Mem 1250 MHz, GPU 400 MHz, 16Pipes, D-Sub, DVI-I, S-Video/TVOut
Would this work on this board?

Thx in advance

  umbongo(uk) 19:52 29 Oct 2007

ok here your motherboard specifications if youve lost your spec booklet
click here

yes the card will work ONLY if its an AGP type
(link to the card if your unsure)
you dont say what power supply you have as the specs say 350watt supply

specs on a 7800gs

System Requirements

Window XP ,2000
An AGP 2.0 or higher compliant motherboard
Installation software requires CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
VGA or DVI compatible monitor
An available hard disk drive power dongle(smaller floppy disk drive connector is not sufficient)
Minimum 350w system power supply

  silkcut04 20:01 29 Oct 2007

Yea its AGP Card my PSU is 400 watts and the card i am using at present is powered with the PSU unit so you think i should be ok?

Found another card
but think this maybe a bit much for my board?

Thankyou for your reply

  silkcut04 20:22 29 Oct 2007
  umbongo(uk) 21:06 29 Oct 2007

silk what you after, a stop gap before full upgrade

this is possibly the highest you can go nvidia wise
click here same price u have on the 7800 yet faster

its minimum of 400watt psu to run it

hopfully youv,e got a 3200barton on your board or at least a 2800 or i see the upgrade not realy worth it as a lower cpu will be a bottle neck
click here
from ati
problem is its 450watt minimum power supply yet

thing is i could source u a new pc out for the price you want to spend on the card
using most components u have ddr memorey with a new board and the gfx card ur looking at
click here
click here
click here
click here
nvidia card
click here
all for about £140.00 with free shipping

just somthing for you to mull over

  silkcut04 00:28 30 Oct 2007

Thanks again very helpfull, yea bit of a stop gap before upgrade will look at the links you sent me in the morning then i will make a decision.

Once again many thx


  silkcut04 09:17 30 Oct 2007

Was looking at those upgrades very reasonable pricing.
Ok This is my spec at present:

2.00 Ghz
1.00GB Of Kingston Kvr Ram DDR DIMM
NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT Graphics Card
Thermaltake CL-P0310-01 Bigtyp CPU Cooling Fan
Psu 400 Watts
Ok what do you think?
Look forward to your Reply.


  silkcut04 09:35 30 Oct 2007

I would be prepared to spend £200 so any tweaks to the upgrades you recommended? As it is it looks excellent value for money.


  umbongo(uk) 20:23 30 Oct 2007

right silky there ok specs you have
but as you may know the cpu is letting you down
and will be a bottleneck on a higher gfx card if your a gamer for wich i think your post was originally about
you couild get a 3200 to tide you over and was the last high end cpu on socket a board
i sold 2 on ebay £60.00 each wich i find ridiculas when a new board and faster cpu is cheaper
im gonna try a build on the am2 platform so you wont have to upgrade so often in future plus cheaper ddr 2 ram
if you catch my drift an upgrade machine tht is above your current specs but will trundle on
with less expense

as i can tell the case is a nice large one so no worries there

1,,please confirm you have windows xp on disc so this rules out having to buy an operating system
and tht it isnt a backup one

2,,is your hard drive sata or ide connection

click here
click here
click here
psu,,reason if your gonna get a bigger gfx card its best to have a psu able to handle it so you dont have to get both at once plus its 24 pin for the mother board
click here

gfx card £64.00
click here
cheap cheerfull no slouch pips in at the 7900gs heals n the savings could be spent on a duel core cpu instead of single
click here

as you know others may have a diffrent idea on what is better, this is my take on what i believe to be a safe cheap upgrade with upgrading in mind for future

this will offer everything you want and play any game out today
as mine does and its slower yes even crysis on 1024x748 medium settings
my comp is
amd 64 3800
2 gb ram
76oogs oc
and perfect for what i use it for
all im waiting for is an 8800gt and thtl be it until amd n intel release their next flurry of cpu,s and the benchmark test are done and we see if tht 10 % diffrence is worth £50.00 extra
same goes for the gfx card market

  silkcut04 20:44 30 Oct 2007

Hi Again
Yes have windows xp on disk
Checking hard drive about connection :sata or ide how do i do this?

  silkcut04 20:50 30 Oct 2007

I think its Ide Ribbon out of back?

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