A7N8X-X case wiring

  pickle factory 14:46 15 Oct 2004

Hi folks. Can anyone else an amateur with his first build? I have an A7N8X-X with an Athlon XP2600. I'm putting it into a Super Flower ATX case. I've studied the mobo manual and it's no problem as to where all the case cables go, but my problem is, which way round do they go? The case cables are all clearly marked as to what function they serve, but they are all multiple wire connectors and can fit in 2 orientations which obviously gives me a 50-50 chance of stuffing it up. There are no instructions with the case and I can't find any support on the Super Flower web site. How do I tell which way round they fit? Any suggestions?

  pickle factory 14:47 15 Oct 2004

That should have said 'help an amateur'. It's bin a long day today.

  Diemmess 15:34 15 Oct 2004

If you mean the slender cables usually with small black plugs they usually have some sort of label on each one.

Most will work only one way if they are feeding an l.e.d. ...... The speaker, power switch and reboot switches, will probably work either way round they are not polar sensitive.

None of these that I have mentioned will damage anything with wrong polarity, those that switch an led to the hard drive and power indicator will either light up or await you trying them the other way.

I assume that the main circuit board lead from the PSU has no such problem and simply will not go in wrongly because of the keyed block

  pickle factory 15:52 15 Oct 2004

Yeh, them's the fellers I'm talking about. I have HDD LED (Which is a twin on a separate block), power switch (Twin), reset switch (Twin) and power LED (Twin), they are only labelled as to their general function eg 'HDD LED', there is no indication of individual wires except for the front USB's, which does give a break down of each cables task.
As you say, there is no problem with main power from PSU, one way only, even I can't get it wrong.
How confident are you that these will cause no issue if I have them wrong way round? Cheers

  Diemmess 16:53 15 Oct 2004

I'm confident, if only because when in a corner once, that is what I did. The one labelled power switch is merely making a circuit complete. The case speaker will work either way round. The same for the reboot switch.

You can take some of the excitement away if you can have sight of the mobo manual. This is not always definitive, but often will show the polarity of these tiny places.

The LED ones are probably the safest to experiment with, because they only light up when correctly connected. Wrong way round, being diodes they don't conduct and wont glow.

  pickle factory 17:13 15 Oct 2004

I've got the mobo manual and it does show polarities for the connections on the board, but the polarities are not shown on the case wires or the wire labels, so I'm none the wiser. I'm just a tad twitchy on going for it with my shiny new kit and possibly frying it. It's my first child, so I'm not too confident. Is there a way of confirming the polarities of the wires, is there a standard colour reference or something?

  Diemmess 12:38 16 Oct 2004


All the leads we are talking about, are taking power FROM the motherboard and when unplugged have no charge on either lead.

Red/Black combination is an easy guess, but there are green and white and so on. This rainbow really only helps trace the cable through to its component.

The probability is that the computer wont even switch on without the "power" switch lead connected, and won't reboot without that switch as well. As I said, the case speaker is not sensitive to polarity either, but if you are anxious, you can leave the hard drive LED unconnected until everything else is up and running. Then the LED will light up if you are correct and merely stay out if the plug is the wrong way round.

I can't think of any harm occurring as long as we are thinking only of those wee plugs that connect the case with the motherboard.


  pickle factory 12:52 16 Oct 2004

That all makes sense, thanks for the good advice. I've been having a trawl through the net as well and I did come up with a nice photo that has helped too. It's from a build it yourself site, the board used is not identical to mine but still Asus and very similar. Possibly coincidence, but most of the case cables are the same colour as mine. Here's the link in case it's of interest. Thanks again, I feel a lot happier now.
click here

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