a350xt tdh graphics card mix up

  gob14 12:05 26 Dec 2003

i tried to purchase a leadtek a350tdh lx from pc world today (50% off 94.59)but recieved a a350xt tdh (199.99)is there any difference in these cards as i would return this card if it is slower or inferior i have checked the leadtek site and could see no difference

  Rayuk 17:09 26 Dec 2003

Only thing I can find is a non-UK site where the xt is 5 Euros cheaper,so would think there isnt much difference between the two

  gob14 17:14 26 Dec 2003

only difference was £10 in the shop but should i return the card as it should of been £199 and exchange for radeon 9600 pro or is the a350 better

  Trackrat 17:36 26 Dec 2003

According to the leadtech website the a350tdh is a FX5900 are you sure you have got it right if you have it is far superior to a FX5600 which is an a310.

  gob14 21:39 26 Dec 2003

yes its a fx5900lx they were on offer for one day only at pc world for £94.59(50%off)but the only leadtek cards left were the xt version(not on offer£199.99) which i took to the till and the sales assistant mistook it for the lx and discounted it to £89.99.i didnt realise this untill i looked in the bag at home.have i got a better card than i wanted or should i return it for an exchange

  Rayuk 08:58 27 Dec 2003

You got it for half price,if you take it back they will give you your money back,then what?

You have got a good deal as it is

keep it , its their mistake and by the looks of it you got much more than what you should have had , and could you go back in a get 50 more for me please lol

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