A3 Printers & Scanners

  Mysticnas 20:45 01 Feb 2005

Hi all,

Just need to find some A3 printers and scanners for someone and put together a price/spec list.

I've never needed to look at them myself and so don't know what to look for when considering A3 equipment.

These are his requirements:

Black laser printer A3

A3 scanner.

Both with good DPi as it's for DTP work. He's a printer and has been for many years.

He's realising he needs to upgrade and start moving into the digital age and rid of his dark room equipment. Pinter should be able to handle both A4 and A3 paper/film(film as in clear sheets).

I don't think i've missed anything.

if anyone can help! :o)

Thanks in advance everyone.

  paddyjack 21:53 01 Feb 2005

this site will give a range of scanners and printers click here

  €dstowe 22:34 01 Feb 2005

If this is for commercial use, you would be best going direct to the manufacturers and ask their advice.








and so on.

Commercial equipment is necessarily of more robust construction compared to home/office equipment and it comes with a price tag to reflect that. It will, however, last much longer and tolerate much more misuse.

  Mysticnas 22:43 01 Feb 2005

it's a small business.

The equipment won't be on the shop floor but in the office.

  €dstowe 07:49 02 Feb 2005

You still may be better going to the manufacturer. A3 printers and scanners (especially) are a bit unusual and many of the on-line resellers that most of us know do not stock them or, only stock a small range of what is available.

I do suggest that at least you look at the websites of the major manufacturers first to see what is on the market.

  Storik 11:02 02 Feb 2005

the HP 1220C Deskjet, which has come down in price since I bought mine. Whisper quiet, very reliable and economical to run. Wouldn't part with mine.

One draw back, Windows XP doesn't like mine, BUT I haven't been to the HP site to find XP drivers for mine, although these might be incorporated with the 1220C's on sale now.


  Storik 11:06 02 Feb 2005

You can find one here:

click here

I believe Simply's code number for this printer is QT50949


  €dstowe 11:08 02 Feb 2005

Unfortunately the request was for a black laser printer. The one you mention is a colour inkjet model

  Catastrophe 11:13 02 Feb 2005

Just checked eBay and found six A3 scanners with prices/bids (at time viewed) ranging between £0.01 and £3000.

  Storik 22:15 02 Feb 2005

Ooooooooooops! Sorry - will really have to change my glasses - lol


  Storik 22:26 02 Feb 2005

Just to make amends - this might be of use to you.

click here


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