A2 has defeated me! is there something easier!!

  six-h 15:07 28 Mar 2009

I downloaded A2, and immediately had a problem: It was "there" and operational but doesn't appear in the "All Progs" list (XP Home)
It was late, so I just did a "quick" scan, and it found loads of cookies, and three instances of "Ares" and "Limewire" used by previous owner, that I thought I had already un-installed.
Headed for the A2 forum, where "Lynx", bless him, confused me totally!
I now feel that I'm not up to using this software, and either need leading step by step from installation onwards, or a programme that is intended for dummies!
Any Suggestions?

  Bob The Blob 15:12 28 Mar 2009

Spybot Search and Destroy
MalwareBytes Anti-Malware
Lavasoft Adaware

All good programs and free to use.

  mfletch 15:14 28 Mar 2009

If your talking about A squared

I would recommend these instead

There is no real time protection but just update one and run a scan then update the other and run a scan these will help keep your computer free from nasties

SAS/ Superantispyware click here

MBAM/ Malwarebytes/ Antimalware click here

  mfletch 15:15 28 Mar 2009

Message to self

I must lean how to type faster

  Bob The Blob 15:21 28 Mar 2009

In fact those programs are no more/less easier to use than a-squared.
I'd try and uninstall a-squared through control pane's add/remove programs and reinstall it again.
It's pretty straightforward to use. Just shout back here if you need help with it.

  six-h 15:24 28 Mar 2009

Thanks Bob and mfletch, I've used Spybot before on another XP PC, and since the new version with "Teatimer", I found that it was a bit of a resource hog, so I don't want to burden this little lappy with that, it's only a Celeron 2GHz with 496MB available RAM.
Found AdAware good, (if I was using it right!) but that was a long time ago, is it still an effective prog.?
Malwarebytes seems to be "in vogue", but is it suitable for a dummy like me! lol

  Bob The Blob 15:26 28 Mar 2009

You can install Spybot "without" teatimer! Just choose not to during the install.
The other programs are bothe effective and easy to use.

  six-h 15:29 28 Mar 2009

Just noticed your posting Bob whilst digesting previous!
As I suspected, you say they're all much of a muchness!
Since my next question was going to be what should I do with those things that A2 has captured, if I'm to un-install it; maybe the least line of resistance is best would you be up for guiding me when I fire up the lappy this evening?

  six-h 15:31 28 Mar 2009

Re: - Spybot, I seemed to find the whole application hd become a bit resource hungry, it certainly hobbled my old P4 which was running 1GB of RAM when it was running.

  Bob The Blob 15:41 28 Mar 2009

Don't worry about what a2 has found. You can always run another scan again afterwards.

Click the "Update Now" button to get it to download the latest virus definitions.
Click the "Scan Now" button and choose "Deep Scan".
Go off and make a cup of tea while it does it's thing.
If it finds anything when it's finished, choose to get rid of it all.

  six-h 15:56 28 Mar 2009

OK, I'll do that, don't know 'bout cup of tea, more likely "build a small house"! lol
A2 forum were horrified to think that I would just delete all that it found after a scan, that's where "Lynx" began to totally confuse me, ...and scare me, he warned of possible damage to the OS, and maybe even total loss of it.
Since I don't have the install discs, or an image to re-install from, It has made me very nervous!

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