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  PA28 19:13 22 Oct 2003

Living with 98SE since its' birth, I know it well and have been reluctant to upgrade. However, with all the positive comments made of XP, I feel it is time to move forward. I know little of XP as yet, except that the brushes that I've had with it are generally good (apart from the licensing bits, that is!).

So, I've bought a shiny new copy of XP as well as a shiny new fast hard drive (guess which cost more!). As I use my computer constantly I cannot afford any downtime during the transition. But I want to make a clean install rather than take the upgrade path.

What I propose to do - after backing up all my data onto DVD - is to install the new drive as a second master drive and to physically swap the cable between new and old whilst I am installing the new system - in other words when I want a working system the cable will go to my old hard drive and I'll work on 98, and when I'm building the XP system I'll connect the cable to my new drive, install XP and then my applications one by one. Setting the BIOS to autodetect the drives each time, should ensure that this works OK, even if it's a bit laborious. I continue to have the best of both worlds. No rush to install the new system (and plenty of time to test it and resolve problems such as missing driver files), and a fully working machine when I need it. With me so far?

At the end, when the XP system is up and working, I will then copy my data files over and at that stage reformat my old drive (farewell 98!) and configure it to a slave for video editing, etc.

My question is this: at the final stage, when the computer suddenly finds that it has another hard drive added - will XP baulk as it regards it as a change of configuration?

Any comments on the above by those who have done it will be appreciated. Thanks. J

  Wobby 19:18 22 Oct 2003

No mate, XP will be fine. It takes a couple of seconds whilst in windows whilst the drive is being added to My Computer then off ya go. Done it myself plenty of times with no probs.

  Djohn 19:25 22 Oct 2003

No problem at the final stage. you may be asked to activate again, or may not. Either way just click on the Activate button while on-line and a message will come up saying "Activation successful". Easy as that.

Two months back I removed my 40 GB hard drive and replaced with 2x80 GB drives. Installed XP Pro again to one of the drives, activated it on-line then over the weekend removed and replaced XP to different drives or partitions five or six times.

[Just trying to find the best combination], each time I re-activated, I know I didn't need to [You have 30 days to activate] but it was successful each time, no wobblies thrown at all. j.

  PA28 19:30 22 Oct 2003

Thanks guys - just what I wanted to know. Comprehensive answers in less than 15 minutes. What a team! DVD is whirring - see you soon.

  Legolas 19:36 22 Oct 2003

Congratulations you have made the right decision imho XP IS THE BEST.

Not computer related and I hope I am not being too nosy but is your name 'PA28' a part of your postcode as it is the same as the first 4 characters in my postcode I am from Paisley in Scotland?

  Simon_P 19:39 22 Oct 2003

XP will refuse activation over the net.

If this happens you are given a Free Phone number to call.
And you are given an activation code to type in.

This is rare and has only happend to me once.

  Djohn 19:46 22 Oct 2003

Pleased to be of help. Also agree with Legolas. I had what must have been one of the most successful 98se installs of all time.

I was using it for over two years and had only one blue screen thrown at me, never an ilegal operation. And that was my fault. Hot swapping a printer [Parallel connection]. But XP is even better. j.

  PA28 08:10 23 Oct 2003

No connection with PA28 and Paisley I'm afraid - I'm down on the south coast near Rye, midst the sheep and hills! PA28 originates from my other great love - flying light aircraft. I mainly fly the Piper PA28. Kind regards and thanks.

  Legolas 18:20 23 Oct 2003

Thanks for the reply PA28

  PA28 08:50 24 Oct 2003

Stage one complete - I've never had such an easy install as XP, no problems whatsoever. Still testing before I switch completely mind. And all my devices work - miracle!

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