98SE Firewall

  Weskit 18:32 17 Aug 2007

I have resurrected my old Desktop PC running 98SE for use, inter alia, in surfing via an Orange Livebox. It has Zonealarm installed,version 3.7.202, which, of course, is not now supported for 98SE. Will the version I have be sufficient for surfing or should I get an alternative. I don't want to up-grade to XP on this old machine. People's views would be appreciated. Thanks.

  brundle 18:44 17 Aug 2007

The Livebox is already acting as a firewall. Unless you're a `belt & braces` type you don't need a software firewall.

  Weskit 18:54 17 Aug 2007

Thanks, I did wonder about that but wasn't sure. Much obliged.

  woodchip 19:18 17 Aug 2007

I only use Router no Software Firewall on My 98se or both my XP comps

  Weskit 11:06 18 Aug 2007

Thanks both. One further thought, does the router firewall also give protection against keyloggers and similar nasties?

  woodchip 18:02 18 Aug 2007

router Protects aginst incoming not outgoing, So if you install or us old Software Firewall as ZoneAlarm it will help stop some outgoings

  Weskit 09:03 19 Aug 2007

Thanks, I've got the picture!

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