98, 2000, peer to peer networking failure

  Paroxetine 19:11 05 Sep 2003

Hi all

Networking problems with Windows 2000 and Windows 98 over a peer to peer network. I have three PCs, Nemesis, Phoenix and Tulip which need to be able to talk to each other and share files and printers. Phoenix and Nemesis are able to see each other through my network, yet wont ping each other. Tulip can't be seen by either, though will appear in the my network window without being able to explore the contents, this happens from within both windows 2000 machines. I have outlined the details below to (hopefully) make it clearer.

Nemesis Windows 2000
Ping command from Nemesis to Nemesis successful
Ping command from to successful

Ping Phoenix from nemesis fail - time out
Ping from nemesis fail - time out

Opening my network places, computers near me shows phoenix and tulip
Exploring further down each computer shows each share that is present on Phoenix

LAN Properties under Nemesis
Client for MS Networks
File and Print sharing for MS Networks

Phoenix Windows 2000 192..160.0.1
ping command from Phoenix to Phoenix successful
ping from successful

Ping command from fails - time outs
Ping nemesis from Phoenix fails - time outs

Opening my network places, computers near me shows nemesis and Phoenix and tulip
Exploring further down each computer shows each share that is present on nemesis and Phoenix, but not tulip

LAN Properties under Phoenix
Client for MS Networks
File and Print sharing for MS Networks

Nemesis shows similar messages to Phoenix where it can ping itself through name and IP, yet wont ping others.

So, now you have all the facts, how do i go about making sure this network is able to communicate? I have searched and followed all the logic that I can think of and find on here and still nothing. The network has been working before, though now it seems that its very slow for Tulip to see anything. The NIC is working properly, having moved it within the PC to other slots.

Comments as always, very welcome.


  spikeychris 19:18 05 Sep 2003

What IP does Tulip have?

  Paroxetine 19:29 05 Sep 2003

Tulip is on The same applies there, in that I can ping itself from within (under the IP and the name) though it fails to reach outside its own adapter.


  spikeychris 19:35 05 Sep 2003

Actually, just re-read, you do have a hub/switch don't you??

  Paroxetine 19:44 05 Sep 2003

Only a hub at present, lets keep it at that for the time being. Its all 10baseT i think - 10/100 cards with 10mb hub. It was all working before just fine though now it seems to have stopped. Nothing I can see or obtain from people as to what has changed is forthcoming, so its back to the beginning and worked up the protocols and services again, installing as i thought needed, altough now I am out of options...


Carry out a final ping check on each machine using, if successful this proves conclusively the Nic integrity.

Check the subnet on each as finally check that the workgroup name on each is the same.


  recap 20:29 05 Sep 2003

Run a command prompt and type in ipconfig /all this will give you the Mac address of your machine and it's IP address. Check the address/s to make sure thay are correct. It may be that a nic card has gone?

  Taran 20:38 05 Sep 2003

If your network suddenly stopped when all was well, this can often indicate hardware failure (loose or cracked wiring in the cables is pretty common) or a damaged TCP/IP Windows installation.

Assuming that Windows TCP/IP is OK or has been reinstalled, double check that each machine is still on the same WORKGROUP then give each machine a new IP Address:

All of those addresses obviously go on a subnet.

Without wanting to insult you at all, are you certain that any changes you make in the TCP/IP addressing are on the actual device you are trying to network the machines through ?

It's an easy mistake to make, but many people have been caught out by assigning the TCP/IP values to the default adapter rather than the actual network device you want to use on each machine.

Once you reassign the above IP addresses and verify the subnet and WORKGROUP, make sure each computer has at least one shared folder, disable ALL firewalls then restart all machines and go and have a coffee. Come back after a few minutes and from the first computer, try pinging the other two, repeating this step from each of the others.

If it fails, come back with the results before doing anything else.



  Paroxetine 20:44 05 Sep 2003

Cool, thanks for the fresh minds working here people. Will tackle this one over the weekend and post back asap.

Further suggestions warmly welcome as always.


  Paroxetine 10:03 06 Sep 2003

Ok, the latest...

All systems changed to 192.160.10.x being 1, 2, 3.

Subnet masked put to (originally my input error though nemeis and phoenix do seem to work on this fine, as does tulip, see below.)

Moved network card from tulip to nemesis to confirm working order, and replaced cable from tulip to hub. Same diagnosis is occuring, with the cable and card not being at fault.

At present all is fine except that tulip is very slow to connect on network neighbourhood. It does get there when first booted, it will find the destination you are looking for, howver going to find other network places after this results in slow performance. No collisions are seen on the hub and the light on the card (netgear 10/100) shows orange all the time, with the green light flashing occasionally.

Ping on all machines turned up nothing at fault.

I am tempted to put up with this since broadband router wil be installed soon at 100mb hub instead. This could eas performance, though out of curiousity i am now just wanting to get this sorted.

Any other solutions?

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