~90-100% cpu usage by explorre.exe

  Lord_Anubis 23:24 09 Jun 2003

I've just had explorer use up 90-100% of my CPU, does anyone know whats happening coz its nyon impossible to get anything running and explorer keeps crashing.

  GroupFC 23:28 09 Jun 2003

but when questions like this come peeps often suggest a virus (or virii?).

  User-312386 23:28 09 Jun 2003

how long does it stay at 90-100%?

  Danoh 23:32 09 Jun 2003

Explorer.exe is your main Windows program. Which version of Windows are you running? And which application program did you have open when it does this?

  hugh-265156 23:33 09 Jun 2003

usually its just for a few seconds and this is normal.

however if your running a program in the background then 100 cpu usage is also normal.

im running [email protected] and my cpu usage is always at 100.

if there is nothing running that you know of it could be soyware ,try spybot click here

  Lord_Anubis 23:34 09 Jun 2003

I just noticed it goes up to 100% when i try to delete a specific file; a half downloaded file from one of my MSN Buddies, cud that be the prob?

btw it stays there till i stop explorer and start it again :(

  hugh-265156 23:35 09 Jun 2003

spyware even lol!

i do have iespell just forget to use it sorry.

  User-312386 23:45 09 Jun 2003

really depends on what the file is and if it is a temp file

  Lord_Anubis 23:53 09 Jun 2003

OK here's a summary

I'm using windows XP on a hard drive which was recently converted from FAT32 to NTFS. The overall CPU usage shows as 100% where as that specific to explorer.exe is ~90-98% and stays like that until explorer either crashes or is ended (not a reboot).

I have noticed that this could be triggered by an attempt to delete a specific .avi file. This file was downloaded from a buddy using MSN Messenger but interupted half way through as MSN Logged off. When i try to delete the file windows says that its being used by another proggram (which makes no sense because it isn't messenger stopped the download and no other filesharing proggys or public access is online), then imediatly after that dialogue goes explorer.exe sky rockets :(

  hugh-265156 23:55 09 Jun 2003

delete it in safe mode

  Lord_Anubis 00:00 10 Jun 2003

Will do,

no absolutely sure that it is that though so if anyones experienced anything similar...

Wounder's of modern technology = never ending anoyance :P

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