8x card into 4x AGP socket

  Diver14 19:59 11 Feb 2003

Anyone know if you can put a Geforce Ti4200 8x into an older 4x AGP socket? I seem to remember reading something about voltage differences somewhere.

Thanks for any help.

  bloo meeny 20:23 11 Feb 2003

Like yourself, I have found it very confusing trying to understand this subject.

As you say, the different AGP specs apparently run at different voltages (2x = 3.3v) (4x = 1.6v) (8x = 0.8v). And then there's the 'Universal 3.0' AGP standard which is 2x/4x/8x compatible !!!

What I can say for certain, is that I have an 8x graphics card (ATI Radeon 9500) running with a 4x AGP slot. In my case, the mobo is 2x/4x and the 4x capability is enabled from within the BIOS.

Obviously, the graphics performance will ultimately be limited by the 4x AGP throughput - but it really isn't an issue at the moment as 8x AGP is still quite new.

Can't give you any guarantee about the Geforce card - but good luck !!

  Diver14 20:35 11 Feb 2003

Thanks for your help.

I'm not too worried about the slight reduction in performance - but I am worried about blowing a new card if the voltages are incompatable. I'll keep this open a bit longer to see if there are any more thoughts.

  Djohn 20:49 11 Feb 2003

Diver14, if you post the make/model of M/Board, then someone may be able to advise you as to the suitability. J

  Diver14 21:03 11 Feb 2003

The board is Gigabyte GA-7DX. I've looked at the specs / manual for help but it all boils down to the fact that the 4x AGP runs at 1.6V and the new 8x cards appear to run at 0.8V. I can see an awful lot of people running into upgrade problems if this blows the new 8x cards.

  anthonyl 21:04 11 Feb 2003

simply, the AGP 8x has twice the bandwidth of the AGP4x. also the voltage is different.

so an AGPx8 card, in theory, can be twice as good as an AGP 4x card.

an 8x card may work in a 4x slot, but you will only get 4x performance.

also, some manufacturers are including small notches that don't allow you to connect the wrong bits - ie the wrong AGP type. not sure about this though

  Djohn 21:11 11 Feb 2003

Thank you Diver14, this is a good point you have raised and needs to be looked into, Hope that there is someone on-line at the moment whom is qualified to answer! J.

I am SO glad that this issue has been raised as I may have ended up spending a lot of money on a graphics card only to destroy it by not considering voltages.

I have been thinking of getting a Gigabyte Maya II 9700 pro card to install in my Asus A7V333 motherboard but I am now concerned that this could lead to disaster. I have looked at the Asus manual and the Gigabyte web site to see if this card will work with my board but I have been unable to gather enough information.

Would really appreciate any help on this.

Many thanks.

  Djohn 22:42 11 Feb 2003

Found this little bit of info. hope it is of some help.


There are now three versions of the AGP standard:

AGP 1 supports 1x and 2x adapter cards with a signal level of 3.3 volts.
AGP 2 supports 4x adapter cards with a signal level of 1.5 volts (it also supports 1x and 2x at the lower voltage, but why bother).
AGP 3 is a new standard that will support 8x adapter cards with a signal level of 0.8 volts (and again it "supports" slower transfer, but why bother).
There are slightly different plug configurations to prevent you from accidentally plugging an AGP 1 card into a socket that only supports AGP 2 cards. Many adapter cards are configured to plug into either an AGP 1 or AGP 2 slot and to automatically adapt and run at either 3.3 V or 1.5 V.

However, none of the ads and very little of the documentation mentions either the AGP standards or the voltage level. Generally speaking you have to read between the lines, translating "2x" to mean "AGP 1" and "4x" to mean "AGP 2". Many new motherboards require AGP 2 and will not support an old AGP 1 adapter card. Read the specifications carefully if you were planning to make use of your old video card on a new system.


  Diver14 10:45 12 Feb 2003

I'll put this question to some graphics card manufacturers and see if I get any responce. If I get anything helpful I'll report back as it does seem like a very grey area.

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