8Mb partition - Worm??

  compumac 10:07 26 Jul 2005

There is a post on the forum (problem with thread) speaking of a worm and associating it with an 8mb partition. I have a laptop that intermittently booted very slowly and I decided to reformat and re-install everything. Prior to this I noted an unallocated 7.8mb partition. If you select the unallocated portion using Partition Magic and click on undelete Partition it displays "There are no partitons that can be undeleted". Since reformatting I have had no problems with sluggishness. Has anyone any idea as to the origin of this unallocated partition, can it be connected with a worm? Any ideas as to correct the situation?

  recap 10:35 26 Jul 2005

Some manufactures do a partition for their own services for reformating etc.

  mattyc_92 10:56 26 Jul 2005

I am guessing that you are using Windows XP... Correct?

If so, it is Windows that has done that so it can enable it's own partitioning manager (Disk Management)

It is nothing to worry about if you are using WinXP.

  mattyc_92 10:57 26 Jul 2005

that you can use Partition Magic to resize one of your other partitions to use up this space.

  compumac 11:05 26 Jul 2005

I noted that about about using Partition Magic to resize one of your other partitons to include the unallocated space, but PM states that the two partitions would merge into the first one. As it shows the unallocated partition BEFORE 'C' I have not as yet investigated that aspect.
Thanks for prompt replies

  mattyc_92 11:19 26 Jul 2005

If it is unallicated space, then all that will happen is that your partition will gain more sectors in other words more space...

I have done this many times, it is safe.

  compumac 11:22 26 Jul 2005

Then there is no problemin respect of the unallocated space being before 'C'?

  mattyc_92 11:24 26 Jul 2005

Exactly.... You can either ignore the space or add it to another partition.... Your choice.

  mattyc_92 11:25 26 Jul 2005

By the way, are you using WinXP? otherwise there may be a problem.

  compumac 11:31 26 Jul 2005

Sorry I should have said is there any problem in respect of the space being before 'C' and ADDING to 'C'? and yes it is XP Home

  mattyc_92 11:58 26 Jul 2005

No, well not that I can think of.... I has been before c:\ on my drive and also after c:\ (but not at the same time)

There shouldn't be a problem at all

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