Up to 8Mb broadband driving me nuts

  numskull 14:19 05 Sep 2006

Recently upgraded to Pipex Go seem to be connecting at 4.1 or 3.9Mbps. Today I seem to be getting slow speeds (less than 2Mb). Changing RWIN does not seem to make any difference.
When calculating RWIN should I put 8Mb as advertised speed or 4Mb?
Any help would be appreciated.

  woodchip 14:24 05 Sep 2006

Not make any difference, it's what you line will allow plus how many are using the ISP.
What’s called a contention ratio

  bluto1 19:44 05 Sep 2006

Woodchip is right. Remember you signed for UP TO 8Mb connection speed, so you could get as little as 512 Kb or, as I got yesterday, 10+ Mb. I wouldn`t worry about it too much, it will continue to get us all mad one time or another.
My argument with my ISP is Transfer rate when I`m downloading materials from the `net. Usually starts at about 110Kb/s and decays rapidly to about 50Kb/s. Chin up mate, grin and bear it.

  ACOLYTE 20:33 05 Sep 2006

Really upto 8Mb is a big gimmick,so as people stay with there ISP,they don't guarantee 8MB infact they dont guarantee any speeds and in most cases you would be lucky to get over what you were on before,no matter how good your equipment is or how good your signal is,they will try to get you to buy new equipment from them,and point out that the modem you brought off them less than 12 months before is no good for what you want, what it does do is get you under another 12 month contract for the same speeds you were getting before you opted to up to 8Mb.I have had this out with my ISP,BT who say that although i get speeds less than my original 2Mb conn it is still within there range of good connections for upto8Mb,but if i got the same speed with the 2Mb conn i had before it would be under what they set as acceptable.Bt said my line doesnt fully support 8Mb,but when i enquired about it,it was a different matter the line test they ran came back fine for speeds of 8Mb+,as long as you buy what they wont to sell they dont really care what happens to the end user,once that contract is done they pretty much have you unless you want to change and pay the excess.So IMO upto anything is rubbish i wouldnt advise anyone to apply for it,next time my contact is up im going for a guaranteed speed
then if i dont get what i pay for i have some ground for complaint.

Well thats my little rant over with,others may not agree with what i have wrote and some may it's just my opinion of the whole "upto" thing.

  Diversion 20:58 05 Sep 2006

As bluto1 says (Like the name bluto1) I'm on Pipex Homecall, mine start at 370Kb/s and drops to about 60 to 75Kb/s. And a lot depends on the time of day your on.

  Dipso 21:14 05 Sep 2006

You say you recently upgraded. Are you still in the 10 day trial period?

Can you post your line stats, downstream SNR and downstream attenuation, which should give an idea of what speed you should get.

Have you tried this re: tweaking click here= they advise you put your fastest possible sync rate.

  woodchip 21:33 05 Sep 2006

I am on a 1Mb download speed and get round about 130kb download, above and just under that

  numskull 22:16 05 Sep 2006

No, not on 10 day trial period. That finished about 2 or 3 weeks ago.

  Dipso 22:20 05 Sep 2006

OK can you post your line stats then. If you're not sure how, what's the make of your mode/router and I'll tell you how to find them.

  Tim1964 23:23 05 Sep 2006

Same situation as ACOLYTE,

I had a steady 2meg connection and opted for the free 'up to 8 meg MAX service' knowing that, realistically, I may get aroung 3-4meg. After much running in circles with my ISP (Madasafish) I'm now stuck below 1meg and Madasafish are adamant that "BT say my line will not support more than 1 Meg...." even though I was geting 2 megs for more than 6 months before. As stated above, this new MAXADSL service is a con and just hype to sign up new customers with promises the ISP cannot deliver.

  woofwoofbark 23:29 05 Sep 2006

I was with bt yahoo broadband then regraded to bt total broadband 'up to 8 meg MAX service' was told I would get around 5.5mb but have ran speed tests and have reached over 6.5 at times from click here but usually get around a steady 4mb+


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