8GB USB Sticks Format FAT32 or NTFS?

  six-h 15:51 07 Mar 2011

I've just bought one of these,...bargain at £8.79 I thought.
Having never had such a capacious drive before, the biggest I own is 256MB and I seem to recall cost about £25.00 so the format question never came up before.
Aside from the obvious ability to store files larger than 4GB, are there any other benefits to NTFS....is Read/write quicker? take less space with it's own management structure?....ensure even use of the memory cells etc.?

  rawprawn 16:00 07 Mar 2011

I think that you are best leaving Pen Drives as Default Fat, there may be some advantages to formatting NTFS, but Pen Drives are best left alone in my opinion unless your intention is to store large solid ammounts of data.

  six-h 16:12 07 Mar 2011

Thanks rawprawn, I was just thinking I might try a Linux distro that boots and runs from a USB Drive and wondered if FAT32 was suitable.

  six-h 16:15 07 Mar 2011

By the way, are email notifications "off" at the moment, 'cos I've not yet had one for RP's response?

  six-h 16:45 07 Mar 2011

Ahaaa! email just received advising of RP's response only 43 minutes late!

  User-312386 16:54 07 Mar 2011

I would leave it in FAT32 , unless your going to put a huge file on it? The reasoning being is NTFS systems can read FAT32 , but FAT32 cant read NTFS. If you went round to a friends house and say there computer was FAT32 and your USB stick was NTFS, then there computer would not be able to read it.

  six-h 16:55 07 Mar 2011

But what about putting a whole OS on to it and being able to boot from it?

  six-h 17:08 07 Mar 2011

This shows how to do it (XP Based) click here
but there doesn't seem to be an "official line" on the pro's and con's.

  rawprawn 17:25 07 Mar 2011

Even if you Format it to NTFS, I doubt there will be enough room to put XP on it successfully to make it bootable. You can of course always try, I have never done it.

  six-h 17:35 07 Mar 2011

rawprawn: No, I'm thinking Linux, maybe TinyCore or Puppy.
I believe that TinyCore can run completely from a USB Stick, as it loads the entire OS into RAM.
It can hold all its files and software on the USB stick and never bothers the host machine's HDD, so there is no trace once it's unplugged.

  woodchip 17:42 07 Mar 2011

think you bought it same place as me ALDI and its Fat32. I will leave mine as is. less to go wrong by messing it up

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