8800GT causes system crashes

  AllThumbs 00:17 26 May 2008

Hi folks,

A few weeks ago I upgraded from a Geforce 7950GT (256ram) to a Gainward 8800GT (512ram).

(The system is running XP with 2gb ram, and consists of a Hiper type M 580w psu, an Asus P5LD2 SE motherboard, Creative Xfire Xtreme music soundcard and two sata drives (non raid)).

Things seemed ok but after a while I started getting system resets. No warning, no bsod the system would just turn off and then hang during the POST. (the hang might be because the external hard drive hadn't been given the opportunity to come out of hibernation).

I did a lot of checking inside the pc, decided it was probably either the ram, the psu or a heat issue. I changed the fans and installed a third fan at the front of the case. (the case has a rear fan pulling air out of it, a side fan also drawing out and now a front intake fan pulling air in - as well as the obvious ones like on the cpu etc). This improved things, the cut outs still occurred but happened after about 4 hours not 3.

To make sure it was the video card I swapped it out and put back the 7950 - end of crashes.

The graphics card already has a huge cooling array on it with a fan that pushes the air out the back of the pc, however I wonder if elements of the card create too much heat over the motherboard itself.

I can't return the card for a refund for various reasons but would really like to upgrade my graphics still.

Is this fault likely to be heat related and if so does anyone know of a cooler 8800 card than the Gainward?

If it's not heat, could it be that the psu isn't up to the task, but surely the pc would shut down faster than 4 hours if that were the case.

Any other ideas appreciated (not advanced water cooling etc - well beyond my dabbling skills)

  mrwoowoo 00:33 26 May 2008

Ok,you sound like you have done the obvious(downloaded the latest driver for the 8800gt)
Download pcwizard(free) to look at your graphics card temperature.
click here

Don't really think it's a temp issue though.
Not convinced it's the PSU either.

  mrwoowoo 00:36 26 May 2008

PC wizard shows this in mine.
GPU 52c
CPU 40c
Although the 8800GT will run hotter than my humble 8600GT

  mrwoowoo 00:52 26 May 2008

Seems you are not alone.
It has something to do with the way the 8800GT draws power from the PSU.
click here

  AllThumbs 17:26 26 May 2008

many thanks for your responses.

( I did record temps at the time...on a bit of paper on my desk....which I must have since binned. Of course.)

The temps were actually not that hot, however they were garnered using pcwizard and firstly I wasn't completely sure they were accurate, and secondly because of the build of the card and its large footprint I even wondered if some of its heat was causing issues with areas of the motherboard that it hung over - several parts of the motherboard with passive coolers/heatsinks on sat beneath the card.

Hmmm. Doesn't look like there's a handy fix other than to go for something like a 9600GT - though I'm not sure that that's much better than my current 7950 card. (twice the memory I guess).

  Ditch999 18:57 26 May 2008

It may be your CPU cooler. The 7950 whilst being a good card does not process as much data as the 8800. As a result your CPU has to work a lot harder and therefore gets hotter (especially if its an AMD) and heat can build up until your BIOS settings cut in and shut down the PC.
I use HWMonitor for temp readings click here as it is a small self contained app that you can leave running whilst stressing your system, and keep an eye on your temps.
Is your BIOS set to shut down when it hits a certain temp?

  mrwoowoo 19:01 26 May 2008

nvidia lists that the 12 v rail on th PSU needs 22 amps.
After a bit of research i see your Hiper m 580w only has 20A on the 12+v rail.
Very close,so this may be why it runs for a long time before probs occur.
Your psu

Hiper HPU-4M580-PS +3.3V +5V +12V1 +12V2 -12V +5VSB
30A 36A 20A 18A 0.8A 2.5A
Max Combined Watts 240W 360W 9.6W 12.5W
Bit of a bummer,as you would expect a 580w to cut it.
click here

  Ditch999 19:12 26 May 2008

So a molex adaptor ie 2 into 1, may solve his problem as the 2 12v rails output 38A. click here

  mrwoowoo 19:33 26 May 2008

What an excellent idea.
Think i'll consider that first when i upgrade my graphics card,as my PSU may be on the limit.

  citadel 19:48 26 May 2008

there could be one included in the box.

  AllThumbs 22:45 26 May 2008

Many thanks for this guys, I'll have a look at my previous psu too which was also a Hiper and for which I've still got a ton of connectors.

Just to confirm, I plug the two molex connectors into any of the free connectors in the system and the 6pin graphics dodah into the graphics card and the combo of the twin molexes should provide enough power?

Would be glad to give it a go as when it was working the card's performance couldn't be faulted graphically, it was just that the system became utterly unreliable.

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