8800GT card suitable for PC?

  COSACK2004 01:01 05 Jun 2008

Looking to change graphics card to nVidia 8800GT 512 mb - to go in PC details:
Intel Celeron 3.06GHz
FSB 3060MHz 4 x 133 MHz
2gb RAM
PCi-e ... v1.0 ?

current card is nVidia GeForce6200SE turbocache 256mb

Is this new card suitable replacement?
What do I need to look out for when replacing it?

  sean-278262 01:08 05 Jun 2008

click here

The contents of posts I have made in this thread may be of interest. Being brutally honest I wouldnt bother with a replacement as the rest of the PC is just not up to spec for you to see much if any real difference.

  Why wont it work 01:36 05 Jun 2008

In theory you should be able to install and run it fine. Two things do come to mind however. Firstly you would need to find out the rating of your powersupply (200w, 650w etc etc) for you need enough power just to run the card. If the powersupply is not powerful enough, the given graphics card probably would not run/ not run properly.

Secondly, I'm afraid to say that a 3ghz Intel Celeron is a bit gutless by todays standards. It would almost certainly hold back the potential of the 8800GT. To make best use of the 8800GT you would need a modern dual/quad core processor such as a the Intel Pentium Dual Core, or Intel Core 2 Duo/Quad. Thus, I think that upgrading to such a card would be, well a waste of money, unless you were prepared to up the processor with something a bit more 'beefy'. Hope that helps

  crosstrainer 07:46 05 Jun 2008

I;m afraid the above post's say it all...You would be better off with a new machine.

  Ditch999 12:02 05 Jun 2008

Sorry to disagree but a lot of games are not written for dual core CPUs yet, and a 3ghz Celeron is a good enough chip to run most of the games currently available. If the motherboard can take a 3ghz Celeron then I'm sure a more powerful chip could be put in.
The biggest problem is the PSU and its not to do with the Watts output (although that does come in to it) it is to do with the available Amps as a 8800GT needs 24Amps or it wont work.
My PSU is SLI certified 550Watt but wont run a 8800GT because it only has 18Amp on the rail.
There will be a massive difference going from a 6200SE Turbocache to an 8800GT if it will run.

  Why wont it work 12:21 05 Jun 2008

May I refer you to this article click here

I think that this line says it all " If you wish to combine an E2160 with a Geforce 8800 or Geforce 9, you will need to overclock. Without a clock rate of at least 2400 MHz, you will lose a considerable amount of graphics performance, because the card is not fully loaded."

As an Intel E2160 is vastly more powerful than an old 3ghz Celeron, it would mean that 8800GT could not perform nearly as well as it should.

  Ditch999 13:09 05 Jun 2008

The Celeron has a clock rate of 3060mhz! Ok, so the cache might not be as much and it lacks a few instruction sets but I think that is more than the 2400mhz you quote!
I still stand by my opinion that "There will be a massive difference going from a 6200SE Turbocache to an 8800GT" in the OPs system.

  Why wont it work 13:32 05 Jun 2008

You are quite right, going from a 6200SE to a 8800GT would be a huge increase. I am merely stating that a lesser graphics card, one that would match the performance of the cpu better (a 8600 series or ATI 3650 would be okay).

Clockspeed has little to do with performance anymore. It merely allows one to differentiate between versions of a particular processor (such as a Core 2 Duo). For instance, benchmarks show that a single core from a Core 2 Duo can do around 1.8x more work per mhz than a Pentium 4 can, meaning that it is a lot faster. The article was referring to a E2160 with a clockspeed of 2.4ghz, therefore the equivelent Pentium 4 would need to run at around 4ghz and Celeron even faster than that (sine it was a cut down Pentium).

  Why wont it work 13:35 05 Jun 2008

ooops half sentence there! Should be:

I am merely stating that a lesser graphics card, one that would match the performance of the cpu better (a 8600 series or ATI 3650 would be okay) would probably be more appropriate.

  Ditch999 15:30 05 Jun 2008

Bang per buck you are right.
At about £100 for a 8800GT (not to mention a new PSU) and £50 for a 8600GT he would be better off with the 8600GT. With the money he saves he might even get a better CPU!

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