8800 gts fault?

  Litomaster 23:20 01 Sep 2007

Hello all, this is a tricky situation, tried many solutions, nothing worked yet, may be some1 here will help, thank you in advance!

Problem is that in Vista environment i cant play games, the crash after couple secs, sometimes goes up to couple mins, but usually bout 20 secs, the crash is screen turns off, game crashes as well i think as sound turns off as well after and after 10 mins or some pc restarts autamatically, windows suggests to contact nvidia for latest drivers etc

on the other hand in xp environtment games work etc, altho i cant surf! pc freezes after like 1 min of suring, doesnt matter on the browser ie firefox opera nothing, all freeze, the rest is fine can play etc.

Ideally i would like a solution to vista since i liked it, and new games come out for vista only(

System is:
CPU: AMD x64 duo core 5200+
Motherboard: M2V asus
Video: Nvidia 8800 GTS (640 some mg)
RAM: ocz 2 gig

its all the same no matter which version 64 or 86, tried in vista and xp variants

sry if chosen the thread wrong, just imho the prob is bad drivers for video

thx in advance!

  woodchip 23:44 01 Sep 2007

Yes most likely is Video Card Drive need updating. But it could be CPU heat if you are playing games

  woodchip 23:46 01 Sep 2007

PS also check that if the Graphics card as a Fan, that it's working at full speed and clean

  Litomaster 01:02 02 Sep 2007

well it does work perfectly fine in xp environment, no probs what so ever, just those things happening in separate systems.

cleaned the desktop completley inside out with earbuds, everything is as brand new

  mrwoowoo 02:25 02 Sep 2007

this might interest you.
click here

  Litomaster 10:59 02 Sep 2007

not much help there, dont have the problem discribed, works perfectly in fpses, shoot headshots easily

  McD 11:06 02 Sep 2007

Read mrwoowoo's link - and something didn't "ring true" check the date of the article?!? Then check here click here

Nvidia and Vista do have some conflicts. I can't play STALKER on Vista a lot of stuttering and freezing, but plays ok in XP (I have a dual boot). So it's not the computer specs. Have you tried a complete uninstall and reinstall of the drivers in Vista. Latest drivers here click here
Hope this helps!

  Jim_F 11:06 02 Sep 2007

I'm wondering if it could be a PSU issue - Vista aero is known to punish the graphics card which will put demands on te Power Supply in turn.

Is it possible to yemporarily disconnect some kit like CD/DVD drives or to test this out ?

  Litomaster 11:27 02 Sep 2007

Sure thing, not sure what u mean tho, u think a 650 watt supply cant handle vista? can disconnect prolly only cd drive rest is essential, dont think cd drive takes that much energy esp that i am not using it that much

i could try installing vista w/o it

  gudgulf 11:30 02 Sep 2007

It's not just nVidia that has issues with Vista.

Via seems to have problems too......and you have a via chipset.

A look over at the Via Arena forums might shed some light on the problem click here

Also have a look on nVidia's forums click here

  Litomaster 11:43 02 Sep 2007

yea well u see the probem is so different in both OS's, so not sure what to do, some ppl say its power supply, but tried running with galaxy and its all still the same, didnt try different video card tho, no access(

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