8600 gt powering up while disconnected

  typhoon2008 23:49 12 Feb 2008

as you can see from the title this is exactly whats been happning with my card have searched google but no luck any ideas???

  woodchip 00:00 13 Feb 2008

Do you mean your computer is starting on it's own?

If it is look in BIOS a power settings to see if the modem is booting the comp

  typhoon2008 00:03 13 Feb 2008

no the computers fine when i install the card and power up the pc the card also powersup while disconnected from the six pin connector and is also very loud

  Totally-braindead 00:06 13 Feb 2008

If you power up the PC of course the graphics card powers up I don't understand what you mean.

The power connector is to provide additional power as it doesn't get enough from the slot, the fan will still run but the card won't work properly.

Could you maybe clarify? And not trying to be funny but if the card needs an extra connector for power why would you disconnect it anyway?

  woodchip 00:08 13 Feb 2008

I see it's a Graphics card but don't understand what you are trying to put across about the card. When you fit a card you connect it then that's it, after loading drivers it works or it don’t

  typhoon2008 00:13 13 Feb 2008

didnt plan on leaving it disconnected ,as this is my first build was worried,now i understand ,just one more problem why is it loud i mean very loud??

  Totally-braindead 00:15 13 Feb 2008

If it has a power connector and you run it without the power connector it might well run as long as you are just using the likes of the desktop or internet explorer or whatever BUT if you try something that stresses the graphics card, for example a 3d game, the card will demand more power and not get it and the PC will either crash completely or will give you a black screen or a distorted screen.
Regarding it being noisy it depends on the card and the make to a certain degree. I had one card that sounded somewhat like a jet turbine when fired up. It wasn't faulty it was just poorly made I suppose, maybe a rubbish fan or something anyway this card was just loud. I ended up selling it on and getting something else.

  Totally-braindead 00:18 13 Feb 2008

Could you tell us the make and model of the card and maybe someone can see if theres any info on this particular card. Or maybe someone who has the same card can comment.

  typhoon2008 00:20 13 Feb 2008

the card came from my brother dells xps,which is only two months old,it never made any noise while until i installed on my mobo????

  typhoon2008 00:20 13 Feb 2008

the make of the card nvidia 8600 gt 256mb

  Totally-braindead 00:29 13 Feb 2008

Not being funny here but you're not running it with the case sides off are you?

Only other ideas that occur are that either the card has had a knock doing something to the fan or the Dell case is better soundproofed.

The only suggestion I have is try it back in your brothers PC and see if its still noisy or goes back to being quiet.

I suppose the card is firmly placed in the slot and screwed in, its not able to move about?

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