830CH/830CF Motherboard & Drivers help

  Giggle n' Bits 23:35 24 Oct 2004

I have a feeling that the 830CH/830CF Motherboard is Jetway.com

Problem is the drivers. Mainly VGA & Audio. Ok so looking at the downloaded VGA Driver from Jetway for this board it installs driver fine but the Application/utility happens to be SiS is not there, so there is not much in the way of Adapter settings, unlike the options u get for Nvidia or ATI in the Graphics Display properties.

I am running ME, friends computer, and drivers nightmare.

I did how ever try the Sis website and download but on install they wouldn't and told me the location was wrong.

I have owrked out the VGA onboard is Sis 630/730 & Audio is 7018 ?, is there a Chipset driver which needs to go on first.

Just so confused really with drivers for this board.

  Strawballs 23:43 24 Oct 2004

I have the same board and you are right it is Jetway and you are also correct about the sis graphics drivers.I will look to see if I still have the drivers that I downloaded as I got the board second hand.
I you can get onto the net without graphics drivers try Windows update that should get you up and running .

  Strawballs 23:52 24 Oct 2004

Sorry can't find drivers must have deleted them, but I downloaded the graphics and chipset drivers from the SIS site and if you wish to upgrade to XP you will have to flash the bios.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:52 24 Oct 2004

Glad I am not the only one who had the problem.

When you downloaded the onbaord VGA, in Display Propeties & Advanced do you get the sis VGA Utility tools for things like Gama etc, I can get the Driver fine but no utility anywhere that works.

If there is a possiblity of getting the Drivers on a CD for Chipset, Audio, VGA, USB which are needed for the board would be wacky great.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:53 24 Oct 2004

but interested on what your VGA has to offer as to my last Question please.

  Strawballs 00:00 25 Oct 2004

Sorry can't help you with the utilities as I am running XP Pro wich seem to detect and install most of that automatically, but as for the VGA I got it running looking like windows 3.1 then went to win update which detected all the other drivers that I needed.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:13 25 Oct 2004

I will try the Win Update. Win 3.1 not that was an oldie.

  Strawballs 00:17 25 Oct 2004

Or should I have said looking like safe mode. No problem sorry that I couln't help more.

  Giggle n' Bits 01:13 25 Oct 2004

I seem to have found a usuable driver of another Sis board which includes utility.

Then the audio was a pain, distorted like mad then got that sorted also.

Thanks for the calls Strawballs, you know your SiS chipsets.

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