811493 - is it definitely safe to use now?

  Granger 23:40 07 Jun 2003

Just wondering. I know its supposed to have been updated, but have people here used it and found it OK?

  hugh-265156 23:45 07 Jun 2003

im having no problems it.....so far

  Danoh 00:06 08 Jun 2003

Checking my XP home installation history; installed 17th Apr and 1st Jun.

Never experienced any of the problems reported by others in this forum. Did not want to contradict at the time in case I was tempting providence!!! Still running fine on Athlon XP1900+ (1.6Ghz), 512Mb RAM.

  PSF 00:20 08 Jun 2003

All ok here the first version caused slowdowns, but this version seems to be ok so far.

  Terrahawk 00:28 08 Jun 2003

installed it last week no adverse affects as yet

  hugh-265156 00:40 08 Jun 2003

found something interseting on this.

i installed it on the 25th april and yesterday,all installed ok and is listed as such in instalation history but on visiting windows update again it is prompting me to install it?

  hugh-265156 00:50 08 Jun 2003

just reinstalled it again and it said install ok.restarted and checked add remove programs,it was listed.

went back to windows update and scaned again.

it wants me to install again?????

  hugh-265156 01:13 08 Jun 2003

anybody else get this??

  VoG™ 01:17 08 Jun 2003

I have not tried it again. I'm waiting for SP2 - let's see what that will do!

  hugh-265156 01:21 08 Jun 2003


  powerless 01:33 08 Jun 2003

"I have not tried it again. I'm waiting for SP2 - let's see what that will do!"

That means:

A) XP is getting old


B) "Should I install SP2" crops up every 5 minutes.

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