81 mins to burn on to cd

  Lardy FB 20:06 09 Dec 2004

I want to burn an mp3 file onto cd but it is 81 minutes long and the computer wont let me. I'm sure i've seen a way, whilst scanning through my pc that I can configure it for a slight overburn, but I cant find out how now. Will be grateful for any help.

  greenlamp 20:38 09 Dec 2004

What Burning software are you using?.

If it's Nero select the Nero Burning Rom, then in the File dropdown menu select Preferences, select the Expert features Tab. read the warning, If it's any help I,ve burned disks up to 82 minutes on a normal 80 minute CD

  €dstowe 06:32 10 Dec 2004

Be careful not to get confused betwen audio files and data files.

The 80 minutes referred to for 700MB CDs refers to an audio (eg. WAV) file. MP3 files are data files containing audio information to be decompressed before playing on an MP3 decoder (player). 80 minutes or even 81 minutes of MP3 files will will be very much smaller than the capacity of a CD.

I can't remember the compression ratios of audio (WAV) to MP3 but there should be no problem getting 81 minutes MP3 and much more on a 700MB CD.

When working with MP3, think more in terms of file sizes rather than time of play.

  Lardy FB 09:19 10 Dec 2004

thanks Greenlanp, I am using nero 6 and it doesn't have a file dropdown so I'm still none the wiser I have looked through nero but cant find any way of increasing burn times???

  pj123 11:17 10 Dec 2004

Lardy FB, are you saying that this is already an MP3 file and is 81 minutes long. Some file! Must have been an "all night" concert.

I have an MP3 player that takes MMC flash memory and I have been told I can get up to 4 hours (240 minutes)of MP3 files on to a 256mb flash memory card. Haven't tried it yet as I have only just got it.

  greenlamp 20:07 10 Dec 2004

Hello Lardy FB
The drop down menu is there, honest [I also use Nero 6], I suspect you may be looking in the wrong place. You must be in the "Nero Burning Rom" Program, not the smartstart. When you open the "Nero Burning Rom"
Program the add Files box will open over it, close this then click on "file" on the toolbar at the top preferences is about halfway down.

  Totally-braindead 20:19 10 Dec 2004

There is two options if your file is too large for the disk, you can overburn which may or may not work or you could buy some 90 minute CDRs providing your CDRW drive and your software will accept 90 minute CDs of course.

  greenlamp 20:32 10 Dec 2004

90 minute CD's as such won't be any immediate help since the limit is set in the writing software, so you still need to enable overburn in the software.

  woodchip 20:36 10 Dec 2004

What’s up is the Spring Broken

  woodchip 20:38 10 Dec 2004

PS your Drive may not take overburn and can Damage your Drive

  Lardy FB 08:41 11 Dec 2004

Thank you one and all. I have now changed the burn time limit but it still ejects the disc because of insufficient space so I think I'll just give up!!!!!!

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