800 x 600 on TFT screen?

  Simsy 08:18 25 Mar 2006


We're possibly clubbing together to get my dad a birthday present. I think the budget will just about stretch to a 17" flat screeen monitor...

The "problem", if it really is one, is that he needs a 17" screen to be at a resolution of 800x600.

He has a 17" CRT at the moment and he's happy with it at 800x600. Mine at 1024x768 he just can't cope with. Everything is too small. I know we can increase text size in IE, but it's everything else, icons and buttons in programmes.

I understand that TFT scrrens have a "preferred" or "native" resolution, and I understand that it's because of the actual size of the screen pixels. My question is, is there likely to be a problem, e.g. "blocky" text, or other distortion, with a 17"tft being set to 800x600?

Any recommendations? I'm looking at the cheaper end, looking to get change out of £150 including VAT and delivery.

I know there are many out there... it's with the resoultion issue in mind I'm seeking advice.

Thanks in anticipation,



  VoG II 08:26 25 Mar 2006

I've just changed the resolution on my 17" TFT to 800x600 and there is no blockiness or distortion - it is just too big! I'll be changing back as soon as I've hit the Post Response button.

  ed-0 08:30 25 Mar 2006

Aldi are bringing out a 17" for just under £140. Might be worth a look.click here

  Simsy 08:34 25 Mar 2006

What make/model is it?



  beynac 08:36 25 Mar 2006

If the native resolution is, as I expect, 1280x1024 then you will get a small amount of distortion due to the different screen size ratio (4:3 instead of 5:4). This shouldn't cause any probelms except that pictures will be a bit elongated (circles will appear oval).

  VoG II 08:37 25 Mar 2006

Sorry Simsy, it is a P176A click here

  Simsy 08:43 25 Mar 2006

I hadn't thought of that. But that wouldn't be acceptable.. so we may have think again!

Is it the norm that TFT have an aspect ratio of 5:4? I hadn't appreciated that is the case?



  Graham ® 08:59 25 Mar 2006

I have my TFT set at 800 X 600. I sometimes need to scroll to see the whole screen on some sites, and drop down menus are sometimes a problem.

  Simsy 09:05 25 Mar 2006

yes, I'm aware of that. I wasn't aware that TFT's have inherently different aspect ratios, as per beynac's post.



  961 09:45 25 Mar 2006

My Acer AL1912 came from Argos before Christmas at under £190. At 19" set to 800x600 it gives a great screen for my tired eyes

They currently have 17" jobs for £150 and a 19" at under £200

I've not had any problems running this screen at 800x600

  Simsy 10:34 25 Mar 2006

However, I would appreciate a "definitive" answer as to whether TFT monitors normally have an aspect ratio of 5:4... That is the aspect ration of the visible screen?

Thanks in anticipation,



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