8 pcs networked using Windows XP Home?

  Templar1961 09:16 18 Jan 2007

A friend runs a small business with 8 pcs networked using Windows XP Home Edition. There is no dedicated server (main pc acts as the server) and applications are loaded on individual workstations.

Would an upgrade to XP professional be advisable on the pc which acts as a server, or would ALL pcs need to be upgraded?

  mgmcc 09:31 18 Jan 2007

Not sure how friend is running a network of 8 PCs under XP Home Edition, as it only supports a maximum network size of 5. Presumably, each PC cannot see the entire network?

XP Professional doesn't have this restriction in overall network size, although the maximum number of *simultaneous* connections to it is ten. If XP Pro is used as the "server", its "clients" don't also need to run XP Pro, they can be running any operating system.

  Templar1961 09:37 18 Jan 2007

Each PC cannot see the entire network?

Yes that is the problem!

Upgrading all pcs to XP pro would be very expensive, if XP Pro is run as the 'server' will this sort out the problem?

  Zero G 17:28 18 Jan 2007

"Upgrading all pcs to XP pro would be very expensive, if XP Pro is run as the 'server' will this sort out the problem?"


  Zero G 17:29 18 Jan 2007

Sorry should have added that as long as you connect the server to a hub & then connect all other pc's & printers to the hub then yes.

  Templar1961 19:30 18 Jan 2007

XP Pro will support 10 simultaneous Inbound Network Connections?

So provided XP Pro is installed on the pc acting as the server (running Sage) then the other 7 pcs will all be able to 'see' the entire network i.e. run Sage?

  Templar1961 19:46 18 Jan 2007

So one copy of XP Pro is required?

Does the patch need to be applied also?

  Templar1961 20:09 18 Jan 2007

I can open the link for the patch but I am not sure where on the page I need to be!

Can you clarify please?

  Templar1961 20:19 18 Jan 2007

Am I right in thinking we need only apply the patch to the pc acting as 'server'?

  Templar1961 09:19 19 Jan 2007

An XP Pro upgrade for the 'server' sounds the safer route to follow, given that this is a business that is dependant on the computer system.

Is this peer-to-peer set-up commonly used in small businesses? I know cost is an issue so a single XP pro upgrade would be ok, providing it does the job.

  PalaeoBill 09:50 19 Jan 2007

My two penneth:
No an 8 PC P2P network is not common and whilst I particularly like the idea of patching XP Home it could be a pain in a business environment. You would never know when Windows automatic update might overwrite the TCPIP.SYS; by Murphy's law it would be at the least opportune moment.

If you are going to buy an XP Pro licence, you may as well spend the extra and get a dedicated server. It doesn't need to be an expensive one. Alternatively, since your applications are local, have a look at network hard drives.

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