7950 gx2 temp too high

  typhoon2008 01:59 15 Mar 2009

in idle my temp of the card reaches above 80celsius
and it does not happen when am playing games, inoticed that after istart the pc in five minutes the temp rises to 80+.
any idea how to fix this problem????

  ACOLYTE 02:10 15 Mar 2009

From what i have read this temp although is high is within the norm for this card.There my be also
maybe a "Temperature Settings"in the driver control panel that you ca adjust,the temp from what i read you'll see is 115 degrees C,before the GPU shutdown so your temp is within that range.But by all means Google the settings yourself and check the temps.It may also be wothwhile ading case cooling fans if you havent already got some.

  typhoon2008 02:25 15 Mar 2009

what i learnt from googling is that the temp is due to the 3d mode of the card and that only happens when games are being played,since i havent played games in months and the temp rises in idle mode some have suggested the norm in idle should be between 50 and 60 celcius.

  carver 07:22 15 Mar 2009

Have you cleaned the card recently, the fans and cooling fins do tend to get clogged with fluff, it might be worth trying to clean it first before any thing else.

If this is not the case just make sure the fan is working

  Incony 08:12 15 Mar 2009

Yup, My 7950GX2 has sometimes got a high temperature, ( like me sometimes when i`m being asked to do a lot at once :) )

I use VTUNE to monitor the settings, and right now it says 55 deg C at idle on core clock 550 and GPU at 650, but if i use something frame intensive like SecondLife where i create scripted light animation graphics using extensive alpha, i can see the temp touch 80 plus often,

But its only got really serious when dust has clogged the heat exchangers, and to combat that, with the PC totally OFF, i take the board out, heat sinks apart, and clean thoroughly.

I also connected a salvaged PSU fan, taken from a dead psu, to a spare supply from the new psu and that improved things a great deal, but with it running full pelt on a hot day, still the GX2 can get very hot, even with the side case cover off the pc.

Its a great card though.

I am considering moving up from it soon, but before i go GTX 295 plus, knowing how reliable and competent that will be, including temperature is important,
My 7950 GX2 has performed faultlessly since i bought it when they first came out.

THe Correct Driver is important, and NVIDIA went through a spate of problem causing drivers.

  citadel 16:05 15 Mar 2009

gpu can go to high temp and will auto slow down or cut out if it ever gets too hot 130c +

  typhoon2008 06:39 16 Mar 2009

did clean the heatsink for gpu1 the the temp is now 74 at idle and for gpu2 it is at 63degrees,am downloading the nvidia 182.06 drivers to see if it makes any difference.

  citadel 15:50 16 Mar 2009

the case is also important, a one with good airflow like an antec twelve hundred is worth having.

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