kwertyuk 14:16 02 Aug 2006

I just bought a "BFG 7800GS OC - AGP".

It seems to work, but the fan seems more noisy than it should be. I noticed that the Minimum power supply the chip needed was 400W. Mine is 250W. So i will probably upgrade it.

But is the lack of power a reason for the noise from the fan? (maybe running slower than it should do with full power?)

  sean-278262 14:29 02 Aug 2006

I doubt the PSU will be the reason however a 250w PSU is going to be something to replace immediately for a minimum of a 400 - 600w psu or you risk loosing components on a more permanent basis.

  kwertyuk 14:37 02 Aug 2006

So any ideas how i get rid of noise?

(Coincidence - my CPU fan has just started a slight buzzing noise now - yet more to replace :p)

  sean-278262 14:44 02 Aug 2006

Stop using the system and get a PSU now. Using it like this could result in everything stopping working. YOUR PSU IS NOT DESIGNED TO RUN A HIGH END GFX CARD AND ALL THE REST. IT IS BEING KILLED BY BEING OVERWORKED.

  kwertyuk 15:05 02 Aug 2006

ye im on different pc atm lol. that one has been off. and i am getting a new PSU.

so would you advise any PSUs

  kwertyuk 15:06 02 Aug 2006

ye im on different pc atm lol. that one has been off. and i am getting a new PSU.

so would you recommend any PSUs without being too expensive.

  sean-278262 15:07 02 Aug 2006

Not upgraded mine in about 2 years. Mainly because I dont use a Desktop, tend to prefere my laptop. However search here for PSU and you will find 100s of threads on the topic of decent ones.

  kwertyuk 15:08 02 Aug 2006

Sorry i actually have a 385W PSU "Intel V1.3"

But i will still upgrade this.

  vinnyT 13:06 03 Aug 2006

Seasonic are extreamly efficent, stable and quiet, for these reasons they are the make of choice for many gamers. This model, 500W, is at a reasonable £76.25 (inc. VAT).

click here

  kwertyuk 17:33 05 Aug 2006

is it ok to run my 7800 on the 385W supply for the moment then?

It wont break with only 15W lacking will it?

  Totally-braindead 21:32 05 Aug 2006

Differcult to say. If it is a good quality power supply and you don't have a lot of other power hungry hardware installed it may run fine, for a while at least. But it will be running full bore, this will stress it and it will fail and when it does it could damage something else. Personally I wouldn't use it to be safe.

I would go for a good make modular power supply. The modular bit means the cables you don't actually need at the moment can be unplugged. This makes the installation neater,easier and also helps the airflow as theres less cables.
Good makes include Tagan, Antec and Zalman. Have a look here click here I would suggest going for a minimum 500watt one, a higher rated one if you can afford it.

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