7,700 KB prog

  tonyx1302 16:10 05 Apr 2007

I have a prog.that has used 7,700KB of memory and I would like to save it on a memory stick, but do not know what size GB memory stick I need as I don't know the conversion from KB to GB is .
Any help please



  VoG II 16:12 05 Apr 2007

1 MB = 1024 KB

1 GB = 1024 MB

so approximately 1 GB = 1,000,000 KB.

  Jackcoms 16:12 05 Apr 2007

7,700KB is 0.77 GB

  Jackcoms 16:14 05 Apr 2007

Whoops, missed out a 0 !!

7,700KB is 0.077 GB.

Must learn how to use a keyboard

  tonyx1302 16:15 05 Apr 2007

You took your time !!!!!! Speedy or what. Many thanks so if my maths are right, a 1GB will take the prog
With thanks


  Jackcoms 16:17 05 Apr 2007

"a 1GB will take the prog"

Yes, with acres of room to spare!

  tonyx1302 16:18 05 Apr 2007

Many thanks


  Stuartli 16:22 05 Apr 2007


click here

which indicates 0.007343292236328 (if I've done it correctly)..:-)

  Jackcoms 16:33 05 Apr 2007

Well my maths has always been crap (that's why I'm a finance manager)!!

Needless to say, I've bookmarked Stuartli's website.

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