7300 SE memory?

  5HAD0W 20:24 29 Nov 2006

Hi all, I've got a bit of a mystery I'd appreciate any help in solving!

I recently purchased a "Packard Bell iMedia MC 2569" from PCWorld as a Christmas present. This PC contains the
"nVidia GeForce 7300 SE"
graphics card.

I was under the impression that this card contained 64MB of system memory, and could also use some system RAM to increase total memory to up to 512MB.

However, the sales assistant told me that all 512MB was dedicated. Running dxdiag showed that the total video memory was 512.0MB.

The packard bell website tells me that the card has 64MB of memory 'upgradable' to 256 or 512, but doesnt say if it uses system RAM to do so?

Also the box informs me that it is a

7300 SE 512MB TurboCache

but nVidia's website does not list this as a GPU which uses TurboCache?

So if anyone knows how much memory this card has, and whether it is dedicated or not, it would be extremely helpful! And if it depends on the unique card is there anyway which I could find out?

I apologise if this is overly complicated, and many thanks in advance for any help!


  citadel 20:58 29 Nov 2006

I believe it will use system ram but you may need to add more, I would add another 512. Be aware this card will struggle to play games.

  2Xtreme_lives 21:50 29 Nov 2006

I reccomend replacing this card, it is considered "the poor mans" 7 series among pc gamers. Sell that card and replace is with a 7600GS or GT

  User-312386 21:53 29 Nov 2006

it has 64mb ram onboard and uses turbo cache up to 512MB of system ram. click here

The graphics card is very limited

I assume its a PCI-Express, i would go out and buy a better card for the machine, if you are using it for gaming, if not then stay with it

  5HAD0W 22:40 30 Nov 2006

Yes, thanks for your help!

I was considering replacing it with a 7600GS or an ATi Radeon X1650 Pro, but didn't know if it was worth it or not as I only play a few (old) games on my PC, although I am sure a few more will be wanted in the future!

And to madboy33©®, yes it is a PCI-E card, and the link you have posted is similar to the system I saw on that same site, but when I reached the store the spec cards in front of those PCs had 64MB scribbled out in biro and 512MB written instead! I was informed that it was a mistake both here and on the website, and that all memory was dedicated, but I am not so sure.

Also slightly off topic, I was wary of spending around £100 on a different graphics card so near to DX10, and have seen the £300-£400 G80 GPUs. I was wondering will DX10 cards remain high-end only for some time, or are we likely to see new GPUs with DX10 support right across the price board?

Again, many thanks for your help. I'll probably see how the card performs with my current games and perhaps upgrade at a later date if necessary!


  citadel 22:44 30 Nov 2006

there may be mid range dx10 cards in feburary.

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