7.1 output to 5.1 speakers....possible ?

  danwood 18:06 04 Jun 2008

I've just recieved a set of Creative Inspire T6100 5.1 speakers, but my pc's output appears to be 7.1 only.
My pc is a HiGrade DMS 2.
The Creatives cables are Orange, Green and Black and don't match up to the 8 ports on the pc...being Front, Surround, Back Surround (pairs of red and white), Centre and Sub (both black).
Are there any products on the market to convert the 7.1 signal to 5.1 ?
Any help would be appreciated, thanks

  silverous 19:22 04 Jun 2008

I think the creative cables will be like headphone connections yes? Whereas I suspect your PC has phono type outputs? I would've thought you could get some phono to headphone type cables and try those. They are fairly inexpensive.

  silverous 19:23 04 Jun 2008

When you say convert 7.1 single to 5.1 I think you basically want to ignore two of the outputs and your problem is more a cabling/connectivity one than a converting of signals?

  Stuartli 19:39 04 Jun 2008

Your onboard sound or sound card drivers and software will provide the means to switch between 2.0, 2.1, 4.1, 5.1 and 7.1 modes.

No system would provide 7.1 sound output only - it would be pointless and impractical for many people.

As silverous states you need to drop two of the 7.1 sound system speakers or outputs.

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