7 in 1 card reader

  pat-212841 21:07 29 Jun 2005

I been meaning to ask this question i only use this 7 in 1 card reader for downloading my pictures but what is the other 6 it can do when it only has holes for 4 ! i can hear people laughing now !!

  Bagsey 21:21 29 Jun 2005

If you look carefully at your card reader you will see that some of the holes are marked for two kinds of card. e.g SD and MMC. Then there is the slot that will take both SM cards and at one end it will take an XD card. then usually there will be a slot for a Compact Flash card and anther for and MS card. This makes up the 7 cards that can be read. I hope that is a clear explanation.

  pat-212841 22:36 29 Jun 2005

Sorry Bagsey, some of the holes are marked for two kinds of card. e.g SD and MMC.no my card holder isnt marked with any thing its a Toshisba, i didnt have to put the disc in to get it working Xp knew what it was ,Whats a XD card ? SD and MMC? Please

  wallbash 22:51 29 Jun 2005

XD card , used by Olympus etc

SD secure Digital

MMD Multimedia

My reader appears to have only two slots but will accept seven diffent cards. Just ease the card into a slot, if it gose in fine, if not try another.

  Pooke 00:18 30 Jun 2005

click here

All these cards are based on the same technology, companies just develop their own version of it. XD springs to mind as example, Fuji and Olympus jointly developed it for their camera products.

I read an interesting article on flash memory a while back, I'll have a look and see if I can find it again.

As for card readers, mine is branded as a 12 in 1, but only lists 8 different types on the slots and I doubt I'll ever know what they are!


  pat-212841 09:21 30 Jun 2005

Thanks for the info so its all for digital camera cards ! i just wondered what the other 6 it said it had does . thanks

  Stuartli 11:01 30 Jun 2005

In fact you can get up to 19-in-1 or more card readers..:-)

Secure Digital and MultiMedia cards (SD and MMC), for instance, can normally (but not necessarily) both be used in digital cameras that use SD cards, but a check would be required with the camera's manual.

SD cards are encrypted and are also generally faster than MMC - dimensions are very similar but not quite, hence the need to check first.

Specifications of various memory cards can be found at:

click here

  Stuartli 11:11 30 Jun 2005

Here's an example of a 19-in-1 (external) card reader:

click here

You can also get types which fit into a front bay slot such as:

click here

but normally the price is around £14-£15 at some outlets and also include additional USB slots.

  Danoh 13:01 30 Jun 2005

Compact Flash cards started off being used in Notebook or laptop computers, so not just for digital cameras. This is largely superseded by USB Pen drives now.

  Stuartli 13:17 30 Jun 2005

You can also use memory cards with a card reader/writer to copy/transfer data/pix files etc just as with a USB pen drive.

If you already have a USB card reader/writer and the memory you don't really need to spend more on a pen drive equivalent.

I use my SD and MMC cards both for camera and files - I just make sure I don't delete pix files on my computer system rather than the camera and that the cards are reformatted in the camera if they have been used for data files.

  Danoh 13:29 30 Jun 2005

Ditto, Stuartli. USB Pen drives do not need a card reader to be carried around as well, which is why its preferred albeit at extra cost.

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