6800GT *NEW* not working properly!!!

  matt1234 23:09 04 Apr 2005


ive bought my new pc an evesham with an 6800GT. When playing games like half-life 2 or battle field vetnam, the buildings wall ETC flicker and blur.ive updated to the latest patches and drivers ETC. BUT it never does it on Americas Army of UT2004 but they use the unreal graphics engine. Well im confused i hope one one of you lot aint.

How on earth do i fix it?

**pc specs**
200gb hard drive
xp pro
1gb ram
3500+ amd 64bit

thankz in advanced

  matt1234 08:27 05 Apr 2005


  Totally-braindead 11:47 05 Apr 2005

Have you tried using the Omega drivers? click here I use them as I'm a bit of a gamer myself and a lot of gamers use them. This will only help if it is the graphics card drivers that are causing the problem but its worth a try.

  matt1234 09:39 10 Apr 2005

ok what can the drivers do for my card compared to the other nvidia drivers

  dogtrack 12:41 10 Apr 2005

I am not a gamer as such, but an avid user of Flight Simulators. In order to lose shimmering & blurring from the middle ground to the distance, which is quite prevelant in MSFS9. I have found that to increase the Mip Mapping and Anistropic Filtering to the maximum cures the problem. There is however, a price to pay. Namely a drop in frame rate, of around 5 to 10 FPS. In the Sim, this does not present any stuttering...as to the games you use, give it a try and see what happens. I also run at a high resolution, 1280 X 1024, which means I can turn off Antialiasing, and retain a good image.

  Starfox 13:05 10 Apr 2005

That card should have no trouble with those games.I have seen Half Life 2 played on a pc with with an MX440 card and although not fast it was very playable.

First question is - have you got the HL2 patch for nVidea cards,you can either re-install steam to get the patch or try click here

click here for HL2 info.

  Starfox 13:10 10 Apr 2005

nVidia released a new set of drivers on 15th March,have you got these?

  Starfox 15:34 10 Apr 2005

^- -^

  matt1234 14:43 11 Apr 2005

yes i have fully updated my drivers

i have noticed if i turn antianylising off its fine, what does this do?

  Jdoki 16:01 11 Apr 2005

Anti-aliasing is a method for smoothing graphics.

If you go in to a paint program and draw a straight line at an engle then zoom in you'll notice it looks like a set of stairs (apologies if this is over simplified, I don't mean to patronise! :) ). Anti-aliasing looks at the colour of the line and the colour of the pixels around the line and between the 'steps' on the 'stairs' and creates a shade of colour to fill in these areas to make the line look smooth.

You may have noticed in some games that there is a slight 'shimmering' on the screen as you move, especially around straight lines. Anti-aliasing eliminates this to some extent - but can cause blurring.

If you are enabling anti-aliasing through the Nvidia driver I would recommend setting it to 'Application Controlled'. Normally the game handles anti-aliasing either by default, or through user options in the game. Many games do not like driver enabled AA and it could cause a problem such as you describe or cause a large hit on the frame rate - especially if you are setting the AA very high - even a mighty 6800GT can not run games like Half Life 2 with it set to max.

Also note that it is NOT always advisable to update to the latest graphics drivers. On my Gainward 6800 Ultra I use the 66.93 drivers because they give me the best balance of image quality and framerate. At the moment most Nvidias driver updates are concentrating on getting SLI working well, so there's little change for a normal 6800GT.

Finally, if you have enabled AF (ansiotropic Filtering) in the Nvidia driver, also set that to Application Controlled.

Hope that helps.

By the way... I have Half Life 2 set at 1600x1200 with no AF and AA set to X2 - this performs nicely with no slowdown on an almost identical PC.

  Jdoki 16:04 11 Apr 2005

Bah, where's the edit button!!!

That should have been 'draw a line at an angle', not engle...

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