64bit or pentium?

  michelleuk 12:04 31 Oct 2005


I wanted to puchase a particular laptop Acer TravelMate 4401 LMI, this is 64 bit. The advert claims it is future proof, however, when I contacted them to ask a few questions apart from being extreamly rude (they were busy). Their advice was to purchase a 1652 laptop which is pentium based.

I want to to buy a cheap laptop and for it to not to be behind the times when I open the box(I have bought 2 computers and both have been out of date within weeks). What are your views.

Thank you

Michelle :-)

  Kenneth-266656 15:55 31 Oct 2005

If I contacted a company to make enquiries about a product I was considering purchasing from them and they were extremely rude to me (busy or not - no excuse). I wouldn't buy anything from them!
P.S nothing wrong with Pentiums I think you'll find they will be around for a while yet.

  i.tech 16:09 31 Oct 2005

Any computer you buy will be obsolite in a very short amount of time because the technology is moving so fast. The only operating system to take advantage of 64 bit is WinXP 64 until Vista is released. There are very few (if any) applications which take advantage of this however, and many 32bit applications have difficulties when installing on XP64. My advice is to go for a pentium based machine, it'll still be usebal for years to come, just because new technology becomes available, doesn't mean old technology is now useless, my machnine is about 4years old now and still running fine - with just a few updates like RAM and graphics card it will even run most modern games with no trouble.

  jagx400 16:37 31 Oct 2005

I think you will find Amd chips are as good as Pentiums, if not better on certain applications, saying Pentiums are useable for years to come is misleading, it implies AMD CPU's are not.

  michelleuk 17:20 31 Oct 2005

How long (months/years) before 64 bit applications become common?

Acernotebooks did say that the 4401 came with the new 64XP operating system.

And thank you all for replying!!!!!!!!!!


  Dan the Doctus 17:24 31 Oct 2005

click here has a processor comparison.

click here gives some reasons for using a 64 bit OS, although some only apply to desktop machines.

My laptop has the same Pentium M 740 that was recommended to you and I've found it to be very fast and efficient, although only 32 bit. I wouldn't worry too much about 64 bit just yet as 32 bit will still rule for quite some time (imo).

  i.tech 20:12 31 Oct 2005

Sorry Jag, i didn't mean to imply that, I run 2 pc's - one with an AMD and one with a pentium, both have there own advantages and disadvantages but AMD is just as long livable as a pentium. I only mentioned pentimus as this was what was recommended to Michelle.

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