64bit computer - clarification

  Ade_1 12:20 11 Jun 2006

Hi, i am looking to install Vista on my second computer which i believe is 64bit as in the Bios under processor information it says
64bit Technology = Yes (intel EM64T)

If thats the case and it is 64bit would i do right in downloading the 64bit version of Vista.

Thanks in advance


  Jak_1 12:32 11 Jun 2006

I thought intel were having major probs with 64 bit and had not brought out their 64 bit chip yet! It will not be a fully 64 bit pc without a 64 bit chip, check in control panel > system to see what chip you have.

Intel enhanced their P4's to to give a near 64 bit performance as a short term solution but (someone will correct me if I am wrong) it can not use 64 bit programing.

  Ade_1 12:35 11 Jun 2006

My processor is an Intel Pentium(R)4 2.8GHZ no mention of 64bit there.

So would you suggest that the 32bit option would be the safest option to go for?

  DrScott 13:22 11 Jun 2006

Yes. Intel Pentium 4s are not 64 bit CPUs. Even if they were, I'd suggest starting out with a 32bit OS until things are better sorted out.

  Ade_1 13:27 11 Jun 2006

Ok, thanks for your advice. I didnt want to do the wrong thing.

Thanks to both of you.

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