skaria 16:05 26 Jul 2005

Dear friends.

I was wondering if I could help me with a dilemma I am having. It is a good idea to buy a 64bit procesor, if I am thinking of building a PC for the first time, or should I stick to 32 bit until 64bit software becomes more available.

If I do purchase a 32bit AMD, is it possible for me to upgrade to 64bit by just changing the processor, i.e. just using the same mobo.

If I should purcahse 64 bit now, should I purchase an ASUS otr ABIT mobo. i ahve been told ASUS is better, but I am not sure if it comes with many heatsinks already fitted like ABUT. Is this fact true.

Thanks in advance.


  Kate B 16:25 26 Jul 2005

Welcome to the joys of PC-buying ... you go for top of the range white-hot vastly expensive - and then 10 minutes later something even better comes along. Gnash!

Longhorn isn't going to be around until later next year, by which time your now-new PC will probably be pretty middle-of-the-road. But if you check at the assumed specs for 64-bit Longhorn it might well be worth going for the 64-bit processor now.

FWIW, I've got a 64-bit processor, but I'm not going to put 64-bit XP on it because the upgrade path is a bit of nightmare and the 64-bit drivers are apparently all over the place. And there's not much 64-bit software either. But I will probably go for 64-bit Longhorn when it comes as I assume by then the drivers will have been sorted and software will have come along too.

  Total Care Support 17:24 26 Jul 2005


This question would probably be better answered by another question? How much do you want to spend?

First of all there is no need to avoid a 64-bit processor because of software and driver support, which is admittedly a little thin at the minute. A 64-bit processor is completely backward compatible and will run all 32-bit software as well as a 32-bit CPU will.

So you can run 32-bit windows and software on a 64-bit cpu based system and enjoy the well established software associated with this, but still have the option to install a 64-bit operating system in the future without having to upgrade any hardware.

If you are considering an AMD system that you can upgrade to 64-bit in the future then I would suggest a getting a 64-bit socket 939 CPU, as this platform has the potential to support a dual core CPU in the future provided you get a supporting motherboard. You can then just change the software as mentioned above when you decide it’s time to switch to 64-bit.

There is of course then the question: Do you want to pay the extra for a 64-bit CPU when you are only going to install 32-bit software on it? Which again obviously depends on your budget.

If you go for a 32-bit AMD CPU as you suggest and want an option to upgrade to 64-bit later, then you would be looking at a socket 754 Semperon system. On this platform you could upgrade to 64-bit by upgrading the CPU, but this is an out of date Athlon 64 platform the availability of these processors when you come to want to upgrade is debatable.

The Intel 775 platform also offers a choice of 32 and 64-bit CPUs and certain motherboards offer dual core support, but I will not go much in to this as you mentioned you were looking at AMD.

Hope this helps you make a decision,


  skaria 00:36 27 Jul 2005

Thanks for the response, I really appreciate it.

From what I have understood, 64bits processors can be run using the normal Windows XP.

I just have a few more questions:

1. Would you suggest that I buy a 64bit processor, and run WIN XP (32 bit) on it. Will I notice any difference. If i were to purchase WIN XP 64bit, would I have any driver issues? WHAT WOULD YOU SUGGEST? I am planning on spending about £200-250 on a processor.

2. If I do purchase 64bit AMD processor, I have heard it would be possible for me to upgrade to 64bit Dual CORE on the same mobo. WOULD YOU SUGGEST THIS?

KATE B: Do you notice any difference with the 64bit processor on WIN XP 32bit, or did you buy this as an investment? COuld you please tell me which mobo you are using?

Thanks so very much., I really appreciate it.


  Kate B 00:56 27 Jul 2005

I'm running 32bit XP on my AMD 64bit processor and honestly, you wouldn't know the difference. It's a very fast machine, though - 2x Nvidia 6800 Ultras, 2GB of Ram, 2x10,000rpm 74gb Raptors, all on an Asus SLI mobo (haven't got the details immediately to hand, I'll look it up if you want me to). I bought it because I had a nice chunk of money and I wanted a storming gaming rig, which I've got.

The nice thing is that it should last me for a while and I'll certainly look very closely at 64bit Longhorn. It would be nice to get the full potential out of the processor.

  skaria 01:05 27 Jul 2005

Thank you very much for the fast response I really appreciate it.

So there is no difference seen with a 64bit porcessor on 32bit WIN XP. Is there a reason why you did not purchase win xp 64bit?

Thanks in advance


  bremner 03:09 27 Jul 2005

The biggest problem with Win XP64 is the lack of drivers currently available.

Also there are very few programs that are designed for 64 bit processing yet.

I did see a review of a 64 bit game - I think it was Far Cry - and the improvement was marked.

  skaria 10:36 27 Jul 2005

Thank you Bremmer. I will definitely not purhcase 64 bit XP now. I appreciate your input very much.

So there is no difference seen with a 64bit porcessor on 32bit WIN XP. Is there a reason why you did not purchase win xp 64bit?

Thank you so very much everyone.

I hope to hear from you soon...


  Kate B 13:50 27 Jul 2005

skaria - 64bit XP wasn't offered as an option when I had my PC built, and for all the reasons outlined about - lack of driver support, mostly - I wasn't that interested in it.

  skaria 14:07 27 Jul 2005

Thankis Kate B, just one last question:

Do you notice ANY difference of a 64bit proessor on a 32bit OS.

Thanks you very much for aqll your help. I am very grteful.

Thanks again

Look forward to hearing from you soon...


  andywolve 14:10 27 Jul 2005

Hi there,

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Thanks for your help

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