64 bit Processors

  pb457 19:10 29 May 2005

This has been brought up many times however the answer i would like is not amongst these existing posts. All the rage these days are 64 bit processors . I was thinking about upgrading my motherboard for PCI Express because i do enjoy gaming and i hate slow applications. While i was doing this i thought i may as well look into 64 bit to speed up gaming and DVD editing. When i was looking a came across Winchester Core, Venice Core and San Diego core. What does this do and mean. AMD have two types of 64 bit motherboards 754 and 939 what is the difference between them and also does 64 bit processors actually speed up applications that much. would i notice the difference between my computer i use a Matsonic Motherboard with Nvidia 3 bios, a 2500+ athlon xp processor a 160gb hard drive with 512mb Ram and a Geforce fx5700 TD graphics card. Is it worth the big price tag.
thanks Very Much

  LastChip 20:31 29 May 2005

The cores refer to differences mainly in the L2 cache.

The wider question is much more difficult to respond to. First, in order to get the best out of a 64 bit processor, you need a 64 bit operating system. XP (64) has only just been released and is only available as an upgrade or to OEM manufacturers. You may find some sites able to offer it with hardware. Linux has had a 64 bit capability for sometime, but cannot be considered a serious gaming platform. There is widespread concern over the lack of drivers currently available, especially for older equipment. So printers, scanners and the like, may have problems communicating with the system. There are few programs written (at the moment) to take advantage of the 64 bit capability, although over time, that will improve.

The main reason for 64 bit, is to improve the amount of memory the system can support (up to 4GBts I think), which is important in a server situation, but will make little difference to the current crop of games.

In conclusion, I would doubt at this moment in time you would see any significant difference in your games. Until this process has had time to develop, and more software is written specifically for its use, I would be on the side of saving my money.

  powerless 20:38 29 May 2005

**The main reason for 64 bit, is to improve the amount of memory the system can support (up to 4GBts I think)**

Umm? 4GB was the 32bit barrier. With 64bit you can go beyond...

  LastChip 21:01 29 May 2005

Going from memory; always a bad move at my stage of life! XP 64 will support up to 16GBts of RAM, although, how you would manage to physically place that amount on a motherboard meant for home use, is beyond me.

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