64 bit computers for gaming

  robbo58 14:43 30 Oct 2005

does anyone know if 64 bit computers are a good idea for gaming -have been told they are not compatible so might need to consider pentium 4 only?

  Kenneth-266656 15:27 30 Oct 2005

Although not a gamer myself I would imagine that most games software suppliers have not developed 64bit versions yet and are not likely to do so until 64bit is more widely used. Anyway whats wrong with a Pentium 4 - its a good processor.

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 15:44 30 Oct 2005

There's nothing wrong with using 64-bit - although I would like to know where you were told this? Just out of interest.

You can get specially modified versions of certain games that are tweaked especially for 64-bit (Far Cry has a patch that takes advantage of the faster hardware), but as far as I'm aware you'll be able to run all of your current games on the new system - unless you're also upgrading from Windows 98 to XP at the same time, as XP has problems running older DOS-based games.

  robbo58 17:48 30 Oct 2005

Well, The Ghost of Inept Pig, I was told by a number of people, for one, someone who works at a local computing store, told me that, although they had 64 bit computers for sale, for gaming i wouldn't want them, as they (quote) "this might sound silly, but they're too powerful" - they won't run such games as, Red Alert 2, or Call Of Duty for example. another is one of my friends who says that we shouldn't get a computer with 64 bit as i will be unable to play the games that i want to play. Idealy, we (my son) want a gaming PC, we're wondering whether to buy a pre made one or make one customly ourselves.

Thankyou for your replies, and also in advance for further responses.

  Lead 20:56 30 Oct 2005

Well I have been using XP64 for a while and have no problems - BF2, CoD, HL2, all fine.

  robbo58 21:09 30 Oct 2005

XP64 you say? Anyone else have any more responses please :) hehe thanx.... What about media centre...

  Skills 21:09 30 Oct 2005

Nearly all gamers that I see posting there specs are using an AMD 64 based system of some sort.

  Kate B 21:23 30 Oct 2005

By the time 64bit Vista comes out I imagine all games will have 64bit versions. I've got an AMD64bit system now that roars for gaming, even on a 32bit OS.

  vinnyT 14:20 31 Oct 2005

I use xp64 cpus for all the gaming pcs I build for mates, in almost all benchmarks (and realworld tests) tha amd 64 cpus come out on top for gaming.

The only time I would consider using an intel chip is if the person required the pc for mainly video processing purposes.

  PaulB2005 14:27 31 Oct 2005

Which were you thinking of? The processor being 64 bit or the OS?

  robbo58 22:52 01 Nov 2005

CPU ;)

Thanks for the replies so far they're great and arebeing really helpful... so, your saying if i get a computer with a 64Bit processor, i will be able to play games without any problems? Because if thats the case, then I'm wondering what that guy meant at the computer shop about them being 'too powerful' for gaming purposes.

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