600 Kilo Byte or Kilo Bit connection?

  Mysticnas 08:42 27 May 2003


this is going to sound really really silly coming from someone like me, and no, i'm not drunk or under the influence of other things!

however i am surrounded by a bunch of mates trying to drag me away somewhere...

this should be a quickey... (not a quiche)..

are internet connections measured in Kilo Bits or Kilo Bytes? i've got an ntl 600kbps connection.

thanks all!!! :o)

  -pops- 08:46 27 May 2003


Note that the accepted abbreviation for a "bit" is "b" and for a "Byte" is "B"

There are 8 bits in a byte but I'm sure you knew that already!;-))


  Mysticnas 08:54 27 May 2003

but you see in some places ntl use 600K and in others they use 600Kbps and sometimes even 600KB

so whats going on?

  graham√ 12:11 27 May 2003

Just shows that the people at ntl are no better at the English language than the rest of us!

  vaughan007 13:46 27 May 2003

Its measured in Kilo Bytes

  bazza2 14:23 27 May 2003

I was of the impression that modems / internet connections were measured in kilobits / second.
Which is why, with my 56k dial-up modem, I only get around 4 kilobytes / second download speeds.

But I am willing to be corrected on that.


  -pops- 14:25 27 May 2003


  vaughan007 14:35 27 May 2003

I stand corrected

  vaughan007 14:48 27 May 2003

But at least my incorrect reponse got the question answered.....because it wasn't before I got it wrong :P

  vaughan007 14:50 27 May 2003

I just read more carefully....it was answered.....oops....I will crawl back under my rock now.

  -pops- 14:56 27 May 2003

Don't worry - it happens to us all at some time or other. Have a little lie down<;-))


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