54g wireless goes no distance in doors

  dlyte 22:23 10 Nov 2003

new belkin kit - got WAP talking to laptop & desktop in same room. when we moved WAP & laptop into next room signal weakened and failed.

range is supposed to be 300 ft so why is the performance so feeble. have moved the WAP and laptop round the house to try different positions but still it fails to deliver.

even when set up in next room with a connection the signal fluctuates - we found a "hot spot".

do i send it all back to dabs & stretch cables?

Any ideas?

  A_World_Maker 22:37 10 Nov 2003

you dont say which version you are using... there are versions 'a', 'b' and the latest 'g' standards, each having variations and strengths over the others. Before you go mad, try a cheap aerial extension to one of the units. That might fix it. Unless you live in an old English Castle!

  dlyte 23:21 10 Nov 2003

i thought the title was a dead give away - 54 G ie latest newest strongest - allegedly.

We dont live in castle but in a fairly solid victorian brick house.

If the claimed range is 300ft why won't it go even about 15 feet through 1 brick thick wall?

is wi fi only for stud partitions?

  Rtus 23:32 10 Nov 2003

I was about to suggest it may be due to Plasterboard screening .This nowadays comes with Aly Foil on one side which reflects the heat back in to the room .& it supposed to be earted too Added together Radio signals struggle to get through..Then I noticed Victorian...So I wont suggest it ..LOL

  Chegs ? 00:02 11 Nov 2003

Could always try Jeremy Clarkson's discovery and put the aerial against your head,it increases range on a keyfob. :-)

  dlyte 02:19 11 Nov 2003

I believe that Pringles tubs can act as boosters.

But the thought of having to eat the muck or wandering around witha WAP on me loaf isn't too enticing :-)

Come you lot out there arent there any serious techies who can come up with an explanation?

Have examined Belkin website to no avail - and they SHOULD know.

  wint 09:33 11 Nov 2003

On my 802.11b USB kit (which I no longer use 'cos they are too unreliable and slow) I would get about 20 feet through two brick walls.

I found it quicker to walk to PC1 and copy to CDRW, put that in PC2 and copy to hard drive than attempt to use the WiFi!

Another source of help could be Home Net Help & their forums at: click here

I have moved onto cables, quick & reliable (and a lot cheaper - except I have £100 of WiFi stuff doing nothing!)

  wint 09:35 11 Nov 2003

that ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) worked most of the time (90%?) at that distance, 20 feet, just file sharing & copying didn't. It ground to a standstill.

  Rtus 10:15 11 Nov 2003

Are there frequency settings For the Station /remote ??

  A_World_Maker 18:51 12 Nov 2003

Is there a neighbour using WiFi? Do you have a Portable phone sat next to one of the computers?.. Where is your Microwave? Is there a Taxi service anywhere near you? Anything that might be dampening the signals????

  dlyte 07:44 13 Nov 2003

Neighbouring Wi-Fi in Mid Wales? Not v likely :-)

DECT phone but well away from the WAP and PCs.

Microwave in far corner of kitchen.

Have phoned Belkin Support and they recommend downloading new drivers. Got those but now we have trouble accessing the settings through IE. The address we used before does not seem to work.

Don't you just hate that. New kit, just out (you thought)and the drivers are out of date.

BTW Belkin Support is available 24/7 - I spoke to someone in California who was up at 2.30 a.m.

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