54g USB LAN Adapter slower than 802.11b

  Alf58 00:16 17 Jun 2005

I have a rather irritating problem and was wondering if anyone could help. I have a Belkin 54g Wireless card attached to my desktop computer. I have a laptop which was equipped with a IEEE 802.11b. Everything was working ok with laptop connecting happily at 11mps to the Belkin equipped desk top computer which served as an internet gateway. I then decided I would speed things up a little and purchased a Wireless USB adaptor 11g which is capable of 54mbps. I connected this to the laptop. Although both wireless adaptors say they are communicating at 54mps eveything seems slower than when I used the 802.11b. The internet is about the same speed as before but it takes ages to access files from one machine to the other and sometimes I cant access them at all. I have reconfigured home networking to no avail. Both machines use Win Xp Professional. All ideas gratefully accepted.

  Gaz 25 16:49 17 Jun 2005

Check the signal.

And also check your USB ports, to see if they are 1.1 or 2.0

1.1 has max throughput of 11.5Mbps.

2.0 has max of 480Mbps.

  Alf58 17:32 17 Jun 2005

The USB ports are 2.0, the software that came with the adaptor warns you if they are not.
The signal reports that it is excellent at 54g. I suspect it must be a setting or something. My feeling is the network is not quite working properly with this adaptor rather than anything else. The machines can see each other (icons appear in network places) but getting them to display each others documents takes ages and ages. File and printer sharing properly enabled. Network setup utility in XP used to configure network. Its all a bit puzzling.

  Gaz 25 18:11 17 Jun 2005

a setting yes.

Have you tried updating your cards drivers?

Also, it could be just a firewall or because of the new adpaters your set-up has been reset.

You may have been using static IP's before and now they are DHCP.

  Alf58 14:12 18 Jun 2005

I thought the Win Xp home network setup wizard dealt with the type of IPs in use. I'm using the WIN XP firewall on both machines so it is being configured to allow the wireless adaptors access. I have reinstalled my old 11mps card on the laptop and am using that. There is just so much faffing about about I am prepared to do. I'll return USB card and get my cash back. If I decide to go along this route again I'll get a Belkin, that way I have a better chance it will work and if it doesnt't their support is very good. I only paid £20 for the USB card a computer fair and I guess I got what I paid for.
I thought I knew enough to get it working properly: i was wrong.

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