533 Mhz rated fsb CPU/ 400 Mhz Motherboard

  Nibbleman 15:30 01 Mar 2005

An ASUS P4B motherboard currently has an Intel P4 1.8Ghz (fsb 400 Mhz, 478 pin) CPU. The manual states that the motherboard will accommodate upgrades up to 2.4Ghz.

Should an Intel P4 2.4Ghz with 478 pins work, even if it is has a fsb rated at 533Mhz?

A check of the ASUS website was carried out. It stated that the CPU should work, but would run as though its fsb was rated at 400 Mhz. Fine, said I.

However, the one I fitted to a system yesterday refused to even generate a bleep, even though the nice new cooling fan fired whirled its stuff. The monitor displayed a No Signal message and no attempt was made to load the operating system. Now I'm not sure if the CPU is dead or my facts are wrong. Can anybody please help me: Should the upgraded CPU have worked albeit with a reduced FSB speed?

  Chezdez 15:53 01 Mar 2005

sounds like the power supply may not be upto the job anymore. try unplugging CD/floppy drived, and any extra hard and devices, just leaving the bare bones plugged to the PSU

power up and let us know what happens

  Johnnie_M 15:56 01 Mar 2005

This might sound like a drastic answer, but make sure you've plugged the ATX cord back into the motherboard. Also make sure you ain't blown the motherboard etc. I have seen some dead motherboards and the symptoms sounds the same. Just the case fan and CPU fan, but nothing else.

  Jsimbaz 16:20 01 Mar 2005

im in same situation - a 400fsb mobo and a 533fsb cpu - will it work?

  Nibbleman 00:44 13 Mar 2005

Thanks Chezdez, Johnnie_M and Jsimbaz for your help. Ended up returning CPU to supplier. Turned out it was faulty after all. Thanks again.

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