512MB and still run out of memory in ME!

  Dorsai 19:35 06 Jun 2004

I run ME, with 512Mb, 2x128 pc133 sdram and 1x256mb sdram. after an hour or so surfing ME reports that i have run out of memory, even though i have only two or three browser windows open. Norton System Docor says that i have only used about 230Mb, which leavs me with about 180mb left, so how come i have run out? My swap file is on a partition with about 1 gig free space, and it set to a min size of 512mb.

What's going on- i have updated norton virus scan and run it, but it finds nothing.

  Valvegrid 20:02 06 Jun 2004

Have you tried letting windows manage the SWP file?

  woodchip 20:09 06 Jun 2004

your problem for me is that you have too many programs starting at boot up or you have a program that has leaking memory fault. You could try Cacheman memory manager click here

  chugby 21:08 06 Jun 2004

read that although applications closed the memory doesnt alway clear, can help to go to the shutdown window but cancel instead of ok
ie. Start>Shutdown>ShutdownWindow>Cancel.

Norton system works applications can take up alot of resources. Check what other applications running (Control-Alt-Delete) and refer to Answers that Work click here task list programs to see what you can do without to free up memory.

  woodchip 00:11 07 Jun 2004

To shut programs and stop them running go to Start\run type MSCONFIG press enter go start tab and remove programs that do not need to start when you boot computer

  Dorsai 19:02 07 Jun 2004

would like to let ME do it for it'self, but it insist on putting the swap file on drive C, which has only about 200meg free. So i put it on F that is almost empty, 1.9gig free. only really use f as a place to put the swap file.

  Dorsai 19:08 07 Jun 2004

at startup, that i know of
driver for scroll wheel mouse
volume control
direct cd for cd re-writer
quick res for screen- would remove but can't work out how!
grouped norton icons- virus/clean sweep/internet sweep/password manager. I think.
monitor program for digital camer.
norton fire wall.
when on line dialer prog and status monitor

  Dorsai 19:15 07 Jun 2004


ms config has loads listed. will have to check through and work out what they all are.

will try next time things got FUBAR.

  woodchip 21:38 07 Jun 2004

If you have any MS Office apps in MSCONFIG remove the ticks they do not need to start at boot and take lot of mem

  bertiecharlie 21:41 07 Jun 2004

I'm sure Valvegrid has hit on the problem. There is a bit of information click here towards the bottom of the page. This chap says you have to disable the swap file on drive c before you can set it up on another drive. He seems to indicate that you could let windows manage the swap file on the second drive which I think would solve your problem.

I had a similar problem on ME when I tried to set a minimum and maximum limit and got "out of memory" messages when I knew I had available ram left. When I went back to letting windows manage virtual memory I had no further problems.

Hope you resolve matters.

  chugby 20:34 09 Jun 2004

bit more tech stuff click here;en-us;253912
Also 'AnswersThatWork' (link above) website have Ultimate Troubleshooting Program(£l0 ish) that takes hard work out of finding out what programs are running & removing programs at startup.

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