5.1 surround speakers not working properly

  Willow12 13:17 07 Jun 2003

I have the aforementioned speakers which came as part of my PC package. The problem I have is that only the front speakers actually work. I have been told be a friend that I need to go into the Control Panel, and under Sound and Audio Devices and under the Volume tab and Advanced change the speakers to 5.1 surround. I have done this but still no joy. What else do I need to do to get my rear speakers working?

I use WIN XP



  hugh-265156 13:25 07 Jun 2003

go to volume/advanced and click 3d enable or similar.

  Willow12 13:40 07 Jun 2003

There is no 3d enable choice, 5.1 surround is already highlighted in this field, which is what I have.

  yonex24562 13:56 07 Jun 2003

This question arose last year as well. The reason you do not get sound from the center and rear is because the sound track you are listening to must be encoded in Dolby Surround or Dolby Digital for these speakers to work. If you are just listening to a stereo source then there will be nothing from these speakers. Hope this helps. Cheers

  -pops- 14:00 07 Jun 2003

You only get the 5.1 effect if your sound source is encoded to produce it. A 2 channel stereo sound will remain just that - 2 channel stereo.

If you have a DVD ROM installed, go to your local video hire shop and hire something like The Matrix or Bladerunner on DVD and try that. I only suggest these films as they have very extreme multichannel sound effects - there are plenty of others you could test your system with though.


  -pops- 14:01 07 Jun 2003


  Lú-tzé 14:10 07 Jun 2003

Somewhere on the windows media player site, there are a couple of sound files which will check for you. They say front right, from the front right speaker, front center from the front centre and so. I will have a search and post details if I can find it.

  Lú-tzé 14:16 07 Jun 2003

click here for it - on the right hand side, it is there, called 6channel.exe - download this, extract it, and try playing with MP9.

  Bagsey 14:23 07 Jun 2003

For want of a better guess I will assume that you are using Creative. If so go to start, all programs, creative, then restore default settings. It worked on my system I hope it works on yours.

  Willow12 15:06 07 Jun 2003

Downloaded that file and I can get front right, front left, centre and then nothing. Still no rear speakers. :(

  Lú-tzé 15:17 07 Jun 2003

Willow12 - I usually try to rule out the simple first of all, so will ask if you are sure that the speakers are correctly connected to the sound card.

What speakers are they, and what soundcard do you have?

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