500gb External Hard Drive at Aldi for £49.99

  Halmer 11:36 27 Sep 2008

next Thursday.

I know that it's not really a helpline issue but just thought that I'd post this because there have been so many issues arising about back up, drive imaging etc recently.

click here

  Pesala 16:17 27 Sep 2008

At first sight it seems remarkably cheap, but prices have fallen since I last looked.

£50 for Aldi's Medion drive versus £60 for a Freecom Shock Resistant drive: click here or £53 for a Novatech drive: click here

Go for it if you want one, but don't get crushed in the rush to save a few pounds on delivery etc. I think the extra £10 for a drive that might be more robust might be a wise decision for an external drive that is liable to receive a few knocks.

  Stuartli 18:13 27 Sep 2008

Medion doesn't actually make any computers, components etc - it rebadges products from specialist manufacturers.

The hard drive in question is likely to come from a well known marque and should be easy enough to spot which one with a bit of research.

  wolfie3000 19:37 27 Sep 2008

Philips 500GB external for £50.

click here

I wouldn't feel 100% secure with a hard drive from Aldi,
I would be constantly worried the drive would fail.

  woodchip 19:43 27 Sep 2008

As above one of my Laptops is a Mitac re-badged Medion

  jaraba 19:44 27 Sep 2008

Bought 2 250gb hard drives from Aldi couple of years ago.
Both still working ok.

  woodchip 19:47 27 Sep 2008

Medion is not better no worse that others.

On the same lines as above, Morrisons have a 10.2ins Medion Laptop in, running XP 1Gb memory Intel Atom CPU, card reader and 160Gb hard drive

  IClaudio 19:47 27 Sep 2008

...same here, 250Gig from Aldi working well. Go for it, you might have to beat me to it though :)

  woodchip 19:49 27 Sep 2008

Forgot to mention, the Laptop above is £299

  GaT7 19:49 27 Sep 2008

wolfie3000, the Philips one is refurb with a 6-month warranty & from a marketplace seller for £54. They may have even swapped the original drive with another of lower quality.

I'd take my chances with the e-SATA Aldi one or the Novatech. If you have an e-SATA connection on your PC, the transfers are much quicker than USB. G

  wolfie3000 19:56 27 Sep 2008

My point is though i wouldn't feel safe using anything from Aldi with my much prized data,

I have alot of photos from the past 10 years that i just cant afford to lose.

I myself have a Lacie 500GB external drive and iv used and abused it for over a year with no problems,

You may be right with the Philips drive i posted but i would trust that much more than anything from Aldi.

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