5 Simple Ways To Speed Window Vista

  allen Jo 11:36 19 Dec 2007

Windows Vista is a rather heavy operating system with many neat features, but unfortunately they all come at a price. Right out of the box it requires a pretty hefty system to run (arguably). Before you run out and buy a new computer just so you can run your base operating system, check out these 5 Simple Ways To Speedup Windows Vista tips to lighten the load. This is just the first in the series, so many of them may be very apparent to those experienced in tweaking.

1. Disable Aero

I personally do not do this, as I am a fan of the graphical styles, but I realize it comes at a cost. It does tend to eat up both RAM and CPU usage (as well as video card usage). While it is turned off during gaming, you can still notice its effects during normal computer usage. When it is really cranking, it can use 15% of your CPU. Ouch. Vanity comes at a cost. If you do like it, at least turn it down a couple notches. Some performance increases have nothing to do with strain on hardware, or amount of processing. Sometimes, things are designed to take longer than they should, though only maybe a fraction of a second, but the end result to the user is a faster machine. Minimizing and maximizing does an animation. Watch closely. Pretty quick eh? Still, it does slow you down, and, really, what does it add to your experience? I am all about vanity and aesthetics, but this feature has got to go. Relish in the fact you will be increasing your productivity by 0.2 seconds per minimize/maximize. Open your start menu, go to run, and type in ’systempropertiesperformance’ From the Visual Effects tab, uncheck ‘Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing’ While you are here, might as well check out the other goodies you can disable.

3. Tweak Indexing Service

I personally don’t mind the new search too much. It still hogs a lot of resources though. To turn it off completely: Go to my computer, right click on C: drive, go to the General tab, and uncheck Index this drive for faster searching, select Include subfolders and files. If you want, you can just remove any extra areas of search, so you can keep your fast searching for some areas. I personally find the indexing of control panel options and start menu items to be a blessing, so I would leave those alone. Just find items in the tree that you really don’t wish to be indexed (like your documents).

4. While you are at it, fix the rest of your search options

It is often that I do searches for text in files, like a method use in a PHP file, or maybe something in a java file. Regardless of the situation, Windows Vista has a very limited number of file extensions flagged for full text searching, which causes you to get ‘no results’ when you know there are some. Open Control panel and type in ‘indexing’ into the search box (or you can do this from your start menu, but many people turn it off). Select ‘Indexing Options’ Select Advanced Button Select ‘File Types’ Tab In this list you will see a list of extensions. When you click on most of them, the bottom radio button will change from ‘index properties only’ or ‘index properties and file contents’ Honestly, index properties only is pretty useless for what most people will use search for (i.e. really only search by date). Uncheck a box to have it removed from search. This can be done for a variety of extensions that honestly, you don’t want in search anyway. It will actually help your results.

Change the radio button to ‘index properties and file contents’ to have these file types included in your searches (should be set for word docs, etc and any other text-based files you search for)

5. Get rid of the sidebar

Pretty self explanatory. It’s a heavy and ugly. If you use it, great, if you don’t reclaim some desktop space. Install googles version. Or yahoos.

  I am Spartacus 11:56 19 Dec 2007

Or go click here for the other 7

  johnnyrocker 14:56 19 Dec 2007

might have been of more use to vista users in the vista forum?


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