5 Port USB 2 PCI card

  peter4076 14:33 11 Aug 2006

Just fitted a 5 Port USB2 PCI card, the 5th port is internal, so I connected it to a 4 port front fitting bay also USB2 and used the little 4 pin connector, the rear 4 ports are perfect, the front ports all work one of those usb flexi lights, so power is getting through, but when I connect my 8 in 1 cardreader to download some photo's the reader is not being recognised, any ideas?

  DieSse 14:44 11 Aug 2006

I would think the wiring is incorrect, even though your usb lamp works.

The connector from the front panel - is it a standard USB connector, or an internal connector type. If the latter check very, very carefully the pin labelling for the front panel connector and the card pins.

  peter4076 14:51 11 Aug 2006

Thanks Diesse, the connector from front panel is a USB B fitting, and the 4 pin connector is similar to the floppy dive fitting.

  DieSse 14:56 11 Aug 2006

How can they fit together then?

  peter4076 15:11 11 Aug 2006

The 5th port on PCI card is the same as the other 4 ports "A" type, the USB cable connecting the PCI card to the 4 port front bay is A" one end and "B" the other.

  DieSse 15:19 11 Aug 2006

You said - "and the 4 pin connector is similar to the floppy dive fitting."

What does that mean?

If they plug together like any standard USB ports, then the wiring "must be" correct.

Possible problems - the internal port not supplying enough current for the card reader - the internal port faulty.

Does the card reader work OK plugged into one of the rear ports on the card? (if the cable reaches).

  Pamy 15:21 11 Aug 2006

Have you tried your card reader in all the front ports ?

  peter4076 15:28 11 Aug 2006

I have 14 USB ports 10 0n the rear, and 4 on the front, and until I started messing the card was read by the 10 ports at the back, and now my card is not being read by any of them.

  peter4076 15:32 11 Aug 2006

I changed the 4 port front bay, because it was only USB1 ( very slow with photo's ) hence changing to a 4 port USB2, but alas just refitted the USB1 port, computer recognizes it but alas card reader still doesn't work.

  DieSse 15:33 11 Aug 2006

Perhaps you've damaged the cable on the card reader? Or the card reader itself?

Do some of your presumably many other USB devices work OK in the existing ports? - proper devices, not just a lamp!

  DieSse 15:35 11 Aug 2006

I'd still like to know what you meant by "and the 4 pin connector is similar to the floppy dive fitting." - or was that just a mistake?

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