4pin fans to a 3pin controller?! Help!

  Muckleface 23:03 22 Jul 2003


Ive just today put some papst case fans into my PC :)

I also got a fan controller unit so that I can vary the speeds of each fan as required.

The problem is that my new papst fans have 4pin power connectors (like the ones you use on HDD, CD/DVD Drives etc) but my speed control unit is designed for 3pin fan connectors :s

Does anyone know of a "convertor" to plug between a 4pin and a 3pin connection?

Please help


  Jester2K II 23:06 22 Jul 2003

Try your local PC shop or where you bought the fans from. About a quid or so for these type converters..

  Jester2K II 23:09 22 Jul 2003

click here

But you need to make sure the Male and Female ends are the right way round. Its a bit late but you need a 3 pin female and a 4 pin male??

Best bet is to ask the place you got the fans from and tell them what you want to do...

  Muckleface 18:38 27 Jul 2003


Ive searched on the net, been to Maplin, and my local computer store and today I went to a computer fair, but I STILL havent found a 4pin to 3pin adapter! There are plenty the other way round, 3pin to 4pin, typical!

I can only seem to find them on American websites, like here...

click here

...but they MUST be available in the Uk somewhere?

I cant return the fan controller now as it was in a cardboard box that has a perferated panel to open it, therefore it would now not be resaleable.

Please help :)


  -pops- 18:43 27 Jul 2003

Have you enquired of the supplier of your fans/fan controllers?

  Muckleface 18:44 27 Jul 2003

Yes, Ive been through their entire site and they don not sell the item that I need :(


  rubella 19:10 27 Jul 2003


click here usually takes two days at most

  Muckleface 22:45 27 Jul 2003

Sorry, but Im after 4pin to 3pin adapters.

The ones on your link are 3pin to 4pin.

Thanks anyway.

Anyone else?


  BillEmm 23:10 27 Jul 2003

click here

Seems to describe what you want.

  crx1600 23:11 27 Jul 2003

click here 4 to 3 pin

click here
3 to 4 pin

hopefully one is right :o)

  Jester2K II 08:48 28 Jul 2003

crx1600 first link is probably what you ned. It look like a 4 pin to 4 pin cable with a 3 pin leading off it. You Unplug a hard drive or CD-ROM and then plug the power into this cable then plug the other end back into your Hard drive / CD-ROM and then you have an extra 3 pin plug.

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