4oD - is it really this terrible?

  rodriguez 17:34 30 Apr 2007

Or am I just unlucky? I decided to install it on my computer, but it wouldn't work on Vista (not too much of a problem) so I installed it on my Dad's XP machine. As soon as I opened it all I got were endless IE script errors. It did load eventually, after I pressed Yes in the script error box to make it continue loading the page. Then when the page did load, it looked like it had been designed by a 6 year old. Text all over the place, all squashed up and overlapping (the script errors must have caused this) but you could still search for programmes. When I eventually found a free programme to download (after a few more script error boxes) it wouldn't download anyway because when you press the Download button nothing happens. Also when you press the Stream button nothing happens.

Anyone else having these problems, or is it likely to be a problem with my dad's computer (I know it's not brilliant but it should be able to handle something like 4oD).

It runs Windows XP Pro, Windows Media Player 10 and IE 6. Also it's a 1 Ghz AMD Athlon with 256 MB of RAM and a GeForce 4 graphics card. Like I said, not brilliant, but it should still run 4oD.

  Kate B 17:42 30 Apr 2007

I haven't tried it - I'm grumpy that it won't work in Vista or Firefox.

  MAJ 17:50 30 Apr 2007

You don't say if Dad has a broadband connection. The script error reporting can usually be cured by going to (in IE) Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab and untick the option "Display a notification about every script error" and tick the "Disable script debugging" option, click Apply and OK to exit.
The overlapping text can usually be cured by going to (in IE) View > Text Size and setting it to Medium. I installed 4oD myself last night and it seems to run okay, but as you say, some things don't stream straight away.
By the way, 256MB of RAM for XP is the absolute minimum recommended amount, sticking another 1GB in there wouldn't do any harm whatsoever.

  Legolas 17:58 30 Apr 2007

I d/loaded 4oD the other day and when I started to stream a programme it informed me I needed an upgrade to WMP which it then d/loaded and installed it then worked with no problem.

  rodriguez 18:26 30 Apr 2007

Funny thing is I restarted and it seems to work alright, I just can't register now. When I fill in the details and press the Register button, both buttons go blank and it jumps up to the top of the page and puts a # in the title bar. Also my dad's on broadband as his computer's in the same house and on the same network as mine (forgot to mention that).

  flyingT- pot 21:07 30 Apr 2007

i had a few problems with it,
got it working eventually
the only thing is now the poor picture quality
hardly revolutionary high tech,
ok if ur on a train maybe

I remeber before the relaunch with less free content , the quality was better!
going back to P2P
hope BBc player is going to be better

  rodriguez 22:26 30 Apr 2007

flyingT- pot, you've got a good point there. I actually had it before it was relaunched and the main reason I uninstalled it was because I couldn't find any free content I wanted to watch - all I'll use it for is watching things I forget to tape when I'm out. But I seem to remember the interface being better and it seemed to work better, so maybe they've cut back on development costs to make up for the free content.

  Graham. 22:54 30 Apr 2007

Some other On Demand sites

click here

  tobyb121 10:32 13 May 2007

if you download and install this
click here
you will be able to use 4od in vista.
It is a cracked version that doesn't check that you have xp, so just installs easily.
You may find when you first run it, it is a bit slow, but when you restart your computer, it works perfectly!

  Dipso 17:44 19 May 2007

I've just given 4oD one more chance and am sorry to say it hasn't improved since the last time I tried it back in January.

I still get the flash 9 error on install but the program doesn't seem to be affected by this. The main problem I had was signing in...it wouldn't accept my password even though it was correct, so I had it reset and then it wouldn't accept the new one!

I eventually got to selecting the program I wanted to "rent", paid for it and then it threw me out and wouldn't let me log back in. I didn't know whether my payment had been accepted or not.

I tried again as I was desperate to watch this program today and eventually got it to download.

The whole process took around an hour. Fortunately as I have a fast connection it didn't take long to download and I still had enough time to watch the program.

I realise it's still in Beta but there's a lot of work to be done to get it running as it should.

Although I'm grateful to tobyb121 for the link to the Vista version, there's no way I'm going to attempt to install this on my Vista machine any time soon.

  Severn Bore 20:30 19 May 2007

I have also been unsuccessful in getting 4oD to install and run correctly. Their customer service were not much help and just referred me to various technical sites which did not solve the problems. After several attempts and waste of time, I gave up.

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