VIA 4in1 drivers:Will I gain anything by updating?

  Fiery251 16:35 01 Jun 2003

I've had my system for just over a year now, and installed the VIA chipset drivers that came with the motherboard on CD.

I havent updated them since. Will it be in my interest to update them to new ones, and will I see any increse in performance by doing so?.

System Spec:-

Athlon XP 1700
MSI K7T Turbo2 motherboard
512Mb PC 133 SDRAM
GeForce 3 Ti500
2x 40Gb Maxtor 7200 HD's
Windows XP Pro on first drive
Windows 98SE on other drive
SB Live! 4670

  DieSse 16:37 01 Jun 2003

In theory you will get better performance and more stability. In practice it's anybody's guess, I'm afraid. having said that, when I had a Via board (not now), I always updated, and at least had no problems.

  dth 16:39 01 Jun 2003

I have a similiar spec PC as you and updated the drivers last month. Can't really notice any real differences. I suppose it is more of an interest if you have some motherboard problems.

  Gaz 25 16:48 01 Jun 2003

I update mine a lot but there is no differance, noticable to me anyway.

It is up to you.

  barrie_g 18:00 01 Jun 2003

if you go to click here you can download and then you will have something to benchmark your system then if you click here you can find all the different drivers and if you have the patience you can download and install the driver run the benchmark and see if your pc is performing any better and find the one that offers the best performace on your system.

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